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How Have Grease Traps Improved Over the Years?

How Have Grease Traps Improved Over the Years? Today, grease traps must be installed in all commercial food premises... Read more

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Grease Traps

Home cooking habits have changed significantly in recent times and there has been a huge rise in the number of... Read more

Why Ventilation is Crucial for Your Grease Trap

In commercial hot food kitchens up and down the United Kingdom, the installation and maintenance of grease traps is a... Read more

Sports Stadiums, Superyachts and Hostels All Need Grease Management

Grease is a tricky little contaminant that, if not managed correctly, can cause significant issues for businesses and... Read more

The Benefits of a Maintenance Plan for Your Grease Trap

A commercial kitchen can only operate at its best when everything within functions as it should, including the... Read more

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