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Below-Ground Grease Traps

At Aqua Mundus, we specialise in installing, servicing and maintaining an expansive range of below ground grease traps. These grease traps can be easily installed externally or internally if space allows.  

A specialised drainage solution, below-ground traps are unique wastewater treatment devices that segregate and prevent grease, fats, oils and suspended solids from entering the drainage system. A below ground grease trap can help to efficiently remove FOG (fats, oils and grease) and other contaminants from a commercial kitchen, often found in places such as restaurants, hotels, residential homes and other commercial buildings.

Our high-powered grease traps not only help protect your business from unnecessary cleaning and grease removal costs, but they also provide a positive impact on the environment by reducing the level of water pollution often found in drains.

What is a Below-Ground Grease Trap?

Put simply, below-ground grease traps are beneficial for reducing clogs in drains caused by cooking oils or other fatty solids that accumulate over time if left unchecked – leading to poor drainage performance as well as bad odours emanating from your sinks and drains.

The units can also trap food waste, sediment and sludge deposits which have been disposed of down sinks, which can then be separated from the contaminated water. A below ground grease trap is usually centrally located, rather than at the point of source, due to the size and emptying logistics of the trap.

Not only does having a below ground grease trap installed, increase sanitation levels for your facility, but it also protects your property's integrity, since new legislation is actively pushing for the installation of grease traps across the country.

Why Use a Below-Ground Grease Trap?

Grease traps are considered critical components in preventing water pollution that’s caused by improper disposal of fatty substances into municipal sewers. These traps also stop the contamination of nearby water sources and aquifers with hazardous waste materials, which could otherwise end up contaminating drinking water sources if left untreated.

Aside from the environmental protection it offers, they are ideal for establishments that have multiple outlet flows, work in a busy environment with food and require a large grease-capturing capacity that does not require intervention from staff. Having an adequate drainage system, you can minimise the disruption a blockage can cause to your business and the unnecessary costs of having to fix any issues.

The simplicity of a below ground grease trap will help to reduce the stress of having to deal with blocked drains and the ensuing problems it can bring your business.

How Do You Empty a Below Ground Grease Trap?

Below-ground grease traps do need regular maintenance and emptying via a vacuum tanker service to fully achieve efficient removal of FOG from kitchen effluent.

Some units have a separate separation tanker, whilst others can have a double-depth sludge trap volume to provide a more extended period between servicing and emptying.


Passive Manual Grease Traps

With no external energy required, passive grease traps offer an efficient solution to separating FOG from commercial and residential kitchens. We have a selection of grease traps available in an array of sizes, stocking suitable solutions to meet your specific needs, no matter the scale of your facility.

At Aqua Mundus, we provide high-quality passive grease traps and easy installation, ranging in capacity from 20 litres up to 5,000 litres and beyond, made from either polyethylene or stainless steel.

Trapzilla Grease Traps

Trapzilla LogoThe Trapzilla is a super-capacity grease interceptor with a grease retention capacity of up to 80% of its volume in some models, while maintaining a high efficiency rate. Trapzilla grease traps are fitted with a patented curve separation technology that can be installed in over 90% of commercial buildings.

Trapzilla Product Shot Constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant polyethylene, Trapzilla is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Designed with a patented curve, Trapzilla's grease traps eliminate grease build-up in flat spots and maintain a high capacity in comparison to less efficient flat-bottomed grease traps that accumulate debris in the corners.

Trapzilla can manage a maximum of 828kg of grease and a maximum flow rate of 6.31 l/s. To ensure a proper fit at surface level, every Trapzilla model can be supplied with extension collar adapters (ECA), extension collars as well as solid top covers.

GRU (Grease Removal Units)

Grease removal units provide a higher level of convenience and efficiency than manual grease traps. By automatically separating FOG from wastewater flows, they help reduce the need for human management, which helps you to focus on running your kitchen more efficiently.

Not only do these GRUs free up the workforce but they more importantly remove solid food waste particles, never compromising on performance with a self-cleaning feature that’s set up via automatic timers or sensors built into each model.

From single and multiple sink appliances to combination ovens and chicken rotisseries, there’s an ideal solution available for any contemporary commercial kitchen setup when working with Aqua Mundus.

LipuMax Grease Traps

Aqua Mundus' LipuMax grease trap offers an effective solution for the removal of fats, oils and grease from kitchen effluent. Utilising gravity to separate FOG from water, this range of below-ground traps allows unwanted materials to sink to the bottom of the trap while allowing thoroughly cleansed water to flow away. The LipuMax provides a convenient way to help maintain your commercial space’s compliance with environmental regulations.

Designed and constructed with precision, the Aqua Mundus LipuMax grease trap is a highly reliable solution for lasting protection against upwelling. Boasting an extensive 50-year warranty when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, this unit offers structurally stable construction, thanks to strong roto-moulded polyethylene. Providing safe access via its top section in three varieties that fit load classes A15 and B125 – each of which features two raised sections capable of being cut down as needed – you can trust that your kitchen wastewater needs will be met through the versatility of this trusted grease trap.


Road Dug Up and Cordoned off for Below Ground Grease Trap Installation



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