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Biological Grease Treatment

Biological grease treatment is a method of breaking down grease using specially designed grease-degrading micro-organisms. This is now all possible due to the advances in biotechnology.

These biological dosing systems can be used instead of grease traps or can be used to improve an existing interceptor system that you have installed. They are also suitable for the treatment of FOG (fats, oils and grease) in pumping stations and sewage treatment plants.

Our unique biological dosing systems benefit from the bio-technological method of using multi-strain microorganisms rather than just enzymes. Our biological grease treatment fluid breaks down the FOG molecules and digests them. This ultimately breaks down the molecules into water and carbon dioxide.

How Does Biological Grease Treatment Technology Work?

How Biological Grease Traps Work Diagram

Our biological fluid works in two distinct ways to tackle any FOG waste: waste that enters the drainage pipework and waste that enters through a grease trap system. The biological fluid introduces an enzyme that assists the natural biological process of breaking down the long molecular chain FOG into a more manageable solution. Then, it will be digested by the microorganisms.

The dosing systems available here at Aqua Mundus have been tried and tested on a range of applications, all with outstanding results.

We can recommend biological dosing systems for:

  • Stand-alone grease management systems
  • Grease trap treatments
  • Sewage treatment systems
  • Pumping/lift stations

Our dosing systems can be tailored to the specific site’s operation, and dosing cycles can be altered to suit a site’s operating time to enable the most suitable retention time within the drainage network.

Please look at our options to decide what solution is the most suitable for your premises or contact our team for further advice and guidance.


Grease Guzzler

grease Guzzler Logo

Grease Guzzler provides an innovative and patented “Fit and Forget” biological grease management system for fat-free drains. Grease Guzzler is a forward-thinking grease management system using patented biotechnology to ensure efficient and effective drain cleansing without the use of a standard grease trap.

Unlike conventional grease traps, the Grease Guzzler is always fitted onto a wall, which ensures it does not compromise essential space in the kitchen. There is also no need to store space-consuming drums, Grease Guzzler is truly compact and condensed. Grease Guzzler can replace the common grease trap by not separating the fats, oils and grease (FOG) but instead digesting it using naturally occurring micro-organisms.

These bacteria use pre-activation incubation technology and ensure there is no build-up of grease.

Grease Guzzler Surrounded by oils and butter that it can break down

The Grease Guzzler can also be used in conjunction with an existing grease trap or interceptor to reduce the emptying frequency. Due to the fact that Grease Guzzler digests FOG, there is no daily maintenance needed as there would be with some grease traps.

This “fit and forget” self-contained system increases efficiency; and ensures that staff are not distracted from essential customer service. Grease Guzzler ensures that there is no rancid grease stagnant in or around your sink drains. This ensures that there are no foul smells remaining that make the kitchen an unpleasant place to work in. It also helps to prevent drain blockage and pump station failure caused by the build-up of FOG deposits.

Depending on your facility’s requirements, Grease Guzzler could provide the most cost-effective solution for your grease management needs. Grease Guzzler meets Building Regulations 2002 (part H) specifications on managing waste FOG from commercial kitchens serving hot food. It has also been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).


Grease Pak

GreasePak doesn’t require a water or electrical connection or any kitchen floor space. Compact and wall-mounted, GreasePak is easy to install, particularly suitable where minimal space is available. GreasePak keeps commercial kitchen drains clean and odour free. GreasePak is BBA certificate 11/4827 BBA Approved, BBA Agrement Certificates provide assurance that the quality and consistency of a product is visibly recognised as reliable, safe and fit for purpose. GreasePak is the first and only drain maintenance system to earn BBA certification in the UK. The GreasePak biological drain maintenance system is a simple and effective solution to prevent slow and costly blockages in the drains of food service operations. 

  • GreasePak MSGD has 8 bacteria strains with over 500 million colony-forming bacteria per gramme
  • Compliance with current UK legislation.
  • Health & Safety best practices are covered with the EHO.
  • Simple system which is the most effective on the market.
  • Minimises rodent & insect infestations.
  • No floor drums or containers – easy-to-handle fluid packs.
  • No need for engineer servicing.
  • Environmentally friendly & safe to use.
  • Saves cost by not having to employ contractors to empty un-hygienic waste from grease traps.
  • Maintains clear, free-flowing drains.
  • Alert sounds when fluid needs replacing.

Aqua Bio-Pro

Aqua Bio-Pro is suitable for kitchens that provide up to 100 covers daily. It can be battery or mains operated so the location of installation is not restricted. Aqua Bio-Pro works with a peristaltic dosing pump that has up to 4 dosing timers.

Aqua Bio-Pro automatically injects grease-degrading biofluid from a 5, 10 or 20-litre container into the drainage network or required application. It is “environmentally responsible”, with a biological rather than chemical action. Aqua Bio Pro’s fluid has a bacteria count of 200 million spores per ml and an effective PH range of 5.0-10.0 that outperforms single strain enzyme fluids.

Another advantage of Aqua Bio Pro is that it helps to eliminate odours, and by eliminating FOG, improving the general hygiene of the kitchen by reducing the problem of insect and rodent issues. The small system range of Aqua Bio-Pro reduces the footprint, thus ensuring that there is effective drainage protection as well as free-running drains.

Furthermore, Aqua Bio-Pro is supplied with product support and maintenance to provide you with assurance that it is working effectively and efficiently.

For installation, Aqua Bio-Pro should ideally be dosing the drainage line from the pre-rinse sink or directly to a grease trap, combination oven or the inlet of a sump pump/lift station.


Aqua Bio-Lite

Aqua Bio-Lite is a manual drain treatment that is suitable for small level kitchens producing 10’s of covers a day. It is dispatched in easy to dispense dissolvable sachets for grease traps, drain lines and floor gulleys. To use, a sachet is placed in a bucket of tepid water and mixed for a few minutes. The sachet is bio-degradable and so it dissolves, which enables the bacteria to become active so that it can be poured into the drainage line.

Aqua Bio-Lite is a specially formulated, microbial product that breaks down grease and organic solids as well as prevents further build up of FOG. The bacteria in Aqua Bio-Lite produces a wide range of extra-cellular hydrolytic enzymes that aid the bio-degradation of other substrates in drain lines, grease traps and septic systems such as fats, starch, protein and cellulose.

Aqua Bio-Lite is packed in single bio-sachets, which is used singularly on a weekly basis. Each sachet should be mixed with 5 litres of tepid water and the system should be dosed during times of little, or ideally no activity in order for optimal conditions to be achieved.

Aqua Bio-Lite is a useful product as it helps to prevent a build up of grease in drain lines, grease traps, pump sumps and urinals.

Other significant benefits include:

  • Reduction of COD, BOD and suspended solids from discharge systems, which then reduces waste treatment costs and surcharges
  • Saves plumbing and maintenance costs associated with blocked drains, pump sumps and grease traps as it reduces the required frequency of unblocking and emptying them.
  • Eliminated odours in grease traps, therefore making the kitchen environment more pleasant
  • Significantly reduces the production of hazardous and noxious gases in pump sumps
  • Digests soap scum and body fats in bath and basin waste pipes
  • Removes deposits and slime from beverage tower drains and collection trays

Where can I use Aqua Bio-Lite?

Aqua Bio-Lite is suitable for use in overloaded foul-smelling grease traps, kitchen drain blockages, foul-smelling floor drains, blocked urinal pipes and foul smells, blocked bath and shower drains, slow-moving basin drains, grease deposits on float switches, walls and surfaces in pump sumps and also waste slops and deposits associated with beverage towers.

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