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Big Dipper

. . . . the original automatic 'Grease Removal Unit'

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Big Dipper – Take the guesswork out of grease recovery

  • Compact space efficient design
  • User friendly interface with easy to operate controls
  • Advanced odour protection – keep odours in the tank and out of the kitchen
  • Long-term savings – self-maintain your grease trap and stop paying monthly pumping fees
  • Appealing stainless steel exterior
  • Fully automatic grease removal
  • Minimum maintenance required

How a Big Dipper Works Diagram


Why Do You Need a Big Dipper?

The Big Dipper comes with Advanced Odour Protection, which offers a solution to the problem of not only grease but also unwanted odours in the kitchen. If required there are also AST models (Automatic Solids Transfer) that automatically remove solids thus reducing required maintenance.

The Big Dipper removes 99.5% of Fog (fats, oils and grease), providing you with confidence that your establishment has free flowing drains and will not incur any costly maintenance. The internal strainer basket catches solids and helps to ensure the main Big Dipper tank can remove grease as efficiently as possible.

The fact that the Big Dipper is also fully automatic and self-cleaning is also a bonus as it helps to reduce the manpower required to manage your establishment’s grease removal. In actual fact, effective maintenance of the Big Dipper unit can be completed in just two minutes a day. The unit also has a 24 hour timer so it can be programmed to suit your food establishment’s requirements.

The Big Dipper is constructed from a strong, robust and durable polyethylene yet has an appealing stainless steel exterior that has a relatively small footprint in the kitchen. Big Dipper can be installed in a variety of locations and is suitable for 1-3 compartment sinks, pre-rinse stations, combi-ovens and wok stations.

When you choose the Big Dipper you can rest assured in the quality of the grease removal system due to the fact it is supplied with a limited lifetime warranty on the tank and a 3 year warranty on active components. For the AST models there is a lifetime warranty on the tank and a one year warranty on electrical assembly.

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