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A Guide to Below-Ground Grease Traps

The UK’s eating habits have changed dramatically over the past decade, with many people now eating out much more... Read more

How Important is a Grease Trap? And how do I make the investment work for me?

On average, there are approximately 200,000 sewer blockages that occur every year in the UK – over 75% of these are... Read more

Are your kitchen drains in the 21st Century?

Dealers, grease contractors and resellers should approach specifying grease traps for commercial kitchens by assessing... Read more

FOG - It Can't Be Me Blocking The Drains...Can it?

For many years I have had issues with the drains at my shop, not regularly, but every so often there will be a... Read more

Royal Academy of Engineering Praises Aqua Mundus Service Levels

“We have been using Aqua Mundus, here at the Royal Academy of Engineering for many years and continue to be... Read more

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