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Grease Guzzler

Providing an innovative and patented "Fit and Forget" biological grease management system for fat-free drains.

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  • Innovative
  • Compact
  • Removes Fog
  • Time-Saving
  • No foul odours
  • Cost effective
  • Meets Building Regulations 2002 (part H) specifications on managing waste FOG.

The Grease Guzzler excels in commercial food premises where there is a large quantity of FOG (fats, oil and grease) produced on a regular basis. Although you may be making a good effort to remove and dispose of cooking oils and fats effectively, it is highly likely that grease will still be entering the drainage system. If this happens you could end up receiving costly drain system fees. Not only that, but if large amounts of grease continue to enter the drainage system then it is highly likely to cause damage to your system’s pipes.

By fitting a Grease Guzzler, you can provide a solution to any problems caused by grease. The unit releases S65, which is a bio-fluid concentrate, into an incubation tank filled with cold water. Next, the tank is gently heated for five hours. This stimulates the micro-organisms to multiply, resulting in a rich soup of pre-activated, grease hungry bacteria. Subsequently, at a pre-programmed time the Grease Guzzler releases the incubated solution into the drain line.

This cycle will actively assist the prevention of a build up of grease as during dosing off periods the pipework will still be coated with a layer of enzymes.

S65 fluid has been specially formulated to combat the different types of FOG found in commercial kitchens. It comprises of 58 different types of bacteria that produce a naturally occurring cocktail of enzymes and micro-organisms. It works to eliminate grease by using two degradation processes that work simultaneously.

The grease is digested and degraded during these methods into water soluble products that form an irreversible emulsion which is harmless to the drain.

The Grease Guzzler can be installed easily onto an internal wall, close to the drainage pipe. The connection process is simple and involves cold water and electricity in and drain access out. The Grease Guzzler is suitable for installation and use in a variety of establishments, including pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes, MOD sites, in-house catering facilities to name but a few.

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