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Little Dipper

Little Dipper

From the manufacturer of the Big Dipper® line of Automatic Grease Removal Units, comes the next standard in passive grease separation. Modern hydromechanical grease interceptors or grease traps as they are often referred to come in two forms; a steel tank expected to fail within five to eight years, or a plastic box that might last forever, but looks unsightly in your beautiful commercial kitchen.

The Little Dipper® Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor combines the best of these two worlds offering a durable, proven polyethylene inner-tank design with a beautiful stainless steel wrap that is easy to clean and fits right in with your other commercial appliances. Whether manually cleaned or professionally pump-serviced, the interior polyethylene tank allows for easy maintenance and minimizes grease and solids build-up on the inner walls of the tank. Built around the same efficient tank design used by the Big Dipper® AGRU, the Little Dipper™ is sure to be the last grease trap you will ever need.


  • Constructed of corrosion resistant materials suitable for installation in virtually any location.

  • Compact footprint makes for versatile above-floor installation.

  • Proven, efficient design to maintain compliance.*

  • Can be upgraded to use Big Dipper automatic skimming module or internal strainer basket.

  • 254 mm (1”) NPT Vessel Vent Connection.

Little Dipper® Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor Specifications



Dimensions (Length measured from inlet to outlet. Inlet height measured to center of pipe.)



 Flow Rate (l/s)

Grease* (Kg)

Inlet / Outlet Size (mm)

L (mm)

W (mm)

H (mm)

Inlet Height (mm)

Clearance Required (mm)

Clearance  Suggested (mm)

Vessel/Chamber Vent (mm)

Specifications Sheet


1.26 21.4 50 648.3 454 260.2 153.9 412.6 565.2 254 LD-200


1.58 25.6 50 648.3 454 374.5 266.7 526.4 679.4 254 LD-250


2.21 38.6 75 812.8 454 450.8 317.5 603.2 844.5 254 LD-350


3.15 49.2


965.2 454 450.8 317.5 603.2 844.5 254 LD-500
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