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Food and Coffee Filters

Not all commercial kitchen blockages are caused by the build up of FOG (fats, oils and grease). Sediment particles such as food waste, coffee grounds and starch can also contribute to the restriction and costly exercise of unblocking drains. Here at Aqua Mundus we have a range of patented, high performing sediment filter traps for use within commercial kitchens as a pre-filter unit or as a stand along system.

We are also able to custom design and build a range of food and non-food sediment traps for commercial and industrial use.

Filter Shield

Product shot of filter shieldFilterShield is an effective tool to separate and remove solids whilst enabling water to drain away. FilterShield uses a pressure drop similar to that of a fountain in order to effectively separate and retain solids, allowing the wastewater to pass to drain.

Effluent enters the FilterShield and any solids present are captured in the filter basket. The filter basket has 4mm perforations to allow water to pass through and solids to be retained, but there is also the additional option of a 2mm filter that will trap even smaller particles. FilterShield has an easy to remove lid with a silicone rubber seal to prevent any odours escaping. The filter basket is easy to remove and empty, which make it far more amenable for staff to maintain.

FilterShield can be supplied with adjustable feet (as standard) or with a stainless steel stand. It is supplied with flexiplumb fittings and can be installed left or right handed.

FilterShield can effectively extract coffee grinds, potato peelings, aerated starch, rice, cleaning cloths, scouring pads, chicken bones, fish and meat trimmings, vegetable peelings, string and other similar types of substances.

FilterShield can be installed inside or outside and is constructed from corrosion resistant and durable polypropylene. FilterShield connects to the outlet drainage of the contaminating sink or equipment.

An advantage of the FilterShield is its’ patented dry waste filtration that helps to prevent a build up of sludge. It is a sealed unit that helps to eliminate odours and it does not have any perishable filter bags. To reduce the frequency that FilterShield needs to be emptied, it has a high capacity 15kg waste filter basket.

Additionally, by using a FilterShield you will reduce your hygiene issues, prevent drain blockages and not incur continuous maintenance costs.




Product Shot of CafeTRAPCafeTRAP is a fine sediment filtration trap produced by Aqua Mundus that provides a simple and effective solution to the problem of food sediment and coffee grounds in kitchen effluent. It is an ideal unit for coffee shops, delicatessens and sandwich bars where there are large amounts of coffee grinds and smaller food particles entering the drainage system.

CafeTRAP uses a patented FreshMesh basket filtration system that enables highly efficient separation of solid waste from water. The basket has super fine filtration that removes 99% of food and coffee grinds sediment waste using its internal super fine 1mm filtration.

The CafeTRAP is compact and space efficient. It is ergonomically designed and therefore the filtration basket allows for easy maintenance and waste disposal. Furthermore the CaféTRAP is constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and is supplied with a 10 year warranty.

To increase its versatility, the CafeTRAP is designed with a dual outlet. This enables it to effectively manage both coffee grounds as well as grease. The lower outlet is positioned to siphon coffee grounds efficiently, whereas the higher outlet can be used to intercept grease. The CafeTRAP is an ideal minimalistic unit that can manage a singular coffee machine with the basic model (CT5) or with the larger unit (CT20) a greater number of fixtures, including jug wash sinks.

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