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Grease Management Products  from Aqua Mundus

We offer a large range of grease management products from many manufacturers around the world.  We source the leading equipment from the UK, Europe & USA to provide a complete solutions-focused approach.

Grease Traps

A grease trap is a piece of equipment used to treat the wastewater produced in kitchens and food processing areas. The waste usually contains a mixture of FOG (fats, oils and grease) that has less density than water and therefore floats on the surface. The grease trap assists in the separation of FOG particles from the wastewater and prevents them from flowing through the drainage pipe, whilst allowing the cleaner “grey” water to flow through the drainage pipe.


Above-Ground Grease Traps

These traps are available for internal and external uses. They are installed next to the sink/equipment within the kitchen area. Larger traps can be centrally located within the plant to take the wastewater from the entire kitchen. Above-ground traps can be automatic grease removal units that self-clean or passive ones which require more maintenance.


Below-Ground Grease Traps

Grease Traps installed below ground have an access cover that permits easy access to the unit for maintenance. They can be installed externally but also can be fitted within a building, provided they are fitted with a substantial airtight lid to prevent any odour. There are a variety of below-ground traps, including super-capacity and biological units. Grease Traps installed below ground can also trap food waste sediment and sludge deposits that become separated from the contaminated water. These can then be removed using a vacuum tanker.

Grease Trap Solutions



Biological Grease Treatment

Biological treatment is an alternative method of breaking down grease. Instead of trapping the FOG, they use specially designed micro-organisms to break it down and digest it. These dosing systems can also be used as an accompaniment to an existing grease trap to aid performance or as a stand-alone system.


Food and Coffee Filters

Some establishments may require a system that removes blockages other than grease, such as food waste, coffee grounds and starch. We can provide effective sediment filter traps for use as either a pre-filter unit or as a stand-alone system. These can be used for commercial and industrial use.


Spares and Repairs for Grease Traps

We can offer a wide range of parts to help ensure that your grease management system remains efficient at all times. Our engineers carry parts for every eventuality but to be sure we also stock a full set of parts that can be readily dispatched to you.


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