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Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) for Grease Traps

Before and After Image of Pre-Planned Maintenance Grease Management System

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – perhaps one of the most oft-repeated proverbs in the English language. But do we all follow this simple advice? Preventative grease trap maintenance is often written off by inexperienced business leaders and managers as being an unnecessary expense, but in most situations, this is a false economy.

Pre-planned maintenance for grease traps and grease management solutions is a popular service we provide to commercial kitchens and caterers to help avoid costly periods of business downtime.

What Is Pre-Planned Maintenance?

Pre-planned grease trap maintenance, also sometimes known as planned preventative maintenance, is the service of keeping something in full working order without waiting for a serious failure to occur first. A good example is perhaps an annual car MOT and service – it’s always better to keep your vehicle in good working order than to wait for an inconvenient, stressful and potentially quite dangerous breakdown.

Grease Trap Maintenance

We offer several pre-planned grease trap maintenance (PPM) plans here at Aqua Mundus, all created to help keep your grease management devices working to their full functionality. All our great trap maintenance plans are bespoke to the specific needs of your business and our experts will work with you to determine which services you need and how often they should re-occur.

This is a cost-effective way of making sure your grease management system is maintained and working correctly. Frequent kitchen grease trap maintenance eliminates the need for reactive calls and potential kitchen downtime caused by blockages and other drain-related issues.

Grease Trap Emptying and Cleaning

As part of our dedication to complete customer satisfaction, Aqua Mundus also provides grease trap emptying and cleaning as part of our pre-planned maintenance solutions. We can take care of the disposal of your captured fats, oils and grease (FOG) and provide you with the necessary FOG disposal paperwork.

When taking out a grease trap maintenance plan with us, you are free to choose as many or as few of the services we provide, and our experts are of course on hand to advise you on the best and most cost-effective solution for your kitchen setup.

The Benefits of Pre-Planned Maintenance for Grease Traps

There are many great reasons to ensure your grease trap and grease management system is managed by the experts with a pre-planned maintenance agreement.

1. Avoid Kitchen Downtime

Blocked sewers and non-functioning grease traps will bring your wastewater line to a standstill, which could result in kitchen downtime and lost business.

2. Extend Grease Trap Lifespan

Grease traps are robust and well-built units, but they will last even longer with regular maintenance keeping them in tip-top shape throughout their lifespan.

3. Increase Grease Trap Efficiency

A poorly kept grease trap will simply not be able to perform as effectively as a well-maintained one. Regular emptying and cleaning are vital parts of grease trap upkeep.

4. Maximise Employee Time

Emptying and cleaning a grease trap can be unpleasant and time-consuming. Keep your staff focussed on their kitchen duties and leave the grease trap servicing to us.

5. Better Budget Planning

Rather than unexpected downtime taking a bite out of your hard-earned profits, plan grease trap maintenance into your budget. Spend a little to save a lot.

Pre-Planned Maintenance Services for Grease Traps

We stock and maintain a large number of grease traps and grease management devices at Aqua Mundus, and we can empty, clean and maintain them all. The grease management equipment we can service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Automatic Grease Removal Units (GRUs)

Passive Manual Grease Traps

Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors

Biological Drain Treatment Systems

Food and Coffee Catchers

  • Filter Shield
  • Goodflo F-Bag
  • Coffee Catcher
  • CaféTRAP

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