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Professional Grease Trap Services 

As an independent wastewater treatment company, customer satisfaction is of central importance to us. We use our international network to provide a variety of solutions for every commercial kitchen operation, all complete to the highest standard.

As such, our services extend to every necessary area of grease management, from consultancy and design to installation and servicing. With almost twenty years of experience in the industry, we apply our expansive technical and practical knowledge of all grease management systems across the entire nation.

At Aqua Mundus, we offer same-day engineer callouts as well as next-day delivery on an array of grease traps; we’re constantly striving to provide hassle-free and affordable solutions for all our customers.

Discover more about the services we offer below. 

Free Site Survey

It’s crucial that your facility or kitchen is fitted with the right grease management system to prevent any drain blockages and ensure building regulations are met. We are proud to offer free site surveys and no-obligation quotes for all customers across the country.

Our site surveys ensure that your recommended grease management system is best suited to the needs of your facilities, as well as being water-company compliant and future-proofed for durability.

Consultancy and Design

With almost twenty years of experience, we provide our expertise to a breadth of professionals that include architects, engineers, plumbers and more. We collaborate and consult with an array of departments and sectors to ensure that the highest-quality grease management system is designed and installed correctly, with the plumbing and other elements working harmoniously together to provide an unrivalled result.

At Aqua Mundus, we guarantee that all our projects ensure that the best grease management system is designed correctly for your specific needs.


We are proud to be suppliers of over 50 makes and models of grease management systems. With an expansive range of grease traps, we stock and supply both above-ground and below-ground grease traps. At Aqua Mundus, we offer automatic GRU (Grease Removal Units) and passive manual grease traps that can be adapted to suit your needs.


As a leading independent wastewater treatment company, we deliver and install any make and model of grease trap and grease management systems in all areas of the UK. Striving to always provide a high-quality level of service, we offer both in-hours and out-of-hours services that can fit your needs.

Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM)

It’s vital that every grease trap is operating to its maximum quality, which is why we offer various service and maintenance packages to suit your needs. A cost-effective solution to ensure that your grease management system is working correctly and efficiently, pre-planned maintenance eliminates the need for reactive calls and unexpected kitchen disruptions.

Maintaining a high level of service is vital for us at Aqua Mundus, which is why we offer a range of maintenance options that can be scheduled specifically to you.

Reactive Breakdown Servicing 

If you have an unexpected issue with your grease trap or grease management system, Aqua Mundus is here to help. We offer a reactive call-out breakdown service with same-day attendance, where applicable, seven days a week. Contact Aqua Mundus to guarantee peace of mind and quality results for all breakdowns and issues with any grease management system.

Temporary Grease Management

If you’re looking for a temporary grease management solution for temporary kitchens, events, or festivals, at Aqua Mundus, we have all your FOG (fats, oil, & grease) needs to be covered. With options to hire and purchase solutions such as grease traps, we supply and install every model from single standard traps to large DAF plants - we have a solution for every occasion.

To find out more, Get in touch to discuss how we at Aqua Mundus can help you!



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