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Temporary Grease Management Solutions 

If you need temporary grease management solutions for your business, event or promotion, Aqua Mundus arefood cooking on bbq at food festival leading grease management specialists with the equipment and expertise for the job. Our dedicated team is ready to roll out the ideal short-term system for your needs, wherever you are in the UK.

Legislation regarding the safe disposal of fats, oils and grease (FOG) requires any commercial installation providing hot food – whether permanent or temporary – to safely dispose of any FOG they create by use of an interceptor device such as a grease trap.

If you need a FOG solution for an event, pop-up restaurant or temporay kitchen, Aqua Mundus has equipment for hire that can deal with everything from small, single grease traps to large DAF (dissolved air flotation) plants that are ideal for large festivals and beyond.

Why Would I Need Short-Term Grease Management Equipment?

A temporary solution may be needed in various scenarios where there is a short-term need to contain or remove fats, oils and grease (FOG). Examples of where this might be needed include:

  • Construction Sites: During construction or renovation projects, temporary grease traps may be needed to contain grease and prevent it from entering the municipal sewer system, particularly on large building sites that have their own on-site kitchen.
  • Food Festivals or Outdoor Events: Temporary grease traps may be needed at food festivals or outdoor events where there is a temporary food service. The larger the event, the bigger the short-term grease management need, and Aqua Mundus can scale up accordingly.
  • Temporary Kitchens: When a commercial kitchen is being renovated or repaired, the need may arise for a temporary kitchen, which will require a temporary grease trap to prevent grease from entering the sewer system and stay in line with strict FOG legislation.
  • Industrial Sites: In any setting where there is temporary equipment that generates oils and grease, temporary grease traps may be needed to contain the grease and prevent environmental damage.
  • Emergency Response: In the event of an oil spill or other environmental emergency, temporary solutions may be needed to contain and remove the spilt material.

Whatever your need for containing and disposing of your fats, oil and grease, Aqua Mundus can provide the ideal solution for you quickly and easily – we pride ourselves on our hassle-free and reliable service.

Temporary Grease Management Solutions from Aqua Mundus

Whatever the size and scope of your business, the experts here at Aqua Mundus have the ideal solution with our extensive grease management hire services. We have a total commitment to providing you with the very best service every time, all backed up by our many years of experience.

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