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Aqua Bio-Pro

Aqua Bio-Pro is suitable for kitchens that provide 51-100 covers daily. It can be battery or mains operated so location of installation is not restricted. Aqua Bio-Pro works with a peristaltic dosing pump that has up to 4 dosing timers. Aqua Bio-Pro automatically injects grease degrading biofluid from a 5, 10 or 20 litre container into the drainage network or required application. It is “environmentally responsible”, with a biological rather than chemical action. Aqua Bio Pro’s fluid has a bacteria count of 200million spores per ml and an effective PH range of 5.0-10.0 that outperforms single strain enzyme fluids.

Another advantage of Aqua Bio Pro is that it helps to eliminate odours, and by eliminating FOG, improving the general hygiene of the kitchen by reducing the problem of insect and rodent issues. The small system range of Aqua Bio-Pro reduces the footprint, thus ensuring that there is effective drainage protection as well as free-running drains. Furthermore, Aqua Bio-Pro is supplied with product support and maintenance to provide you with assurance that it is working effectively and efficiently.

For installation, Aqua Bio-Pro should ideally be dosing the drainage line from the pre-rinse sink or directly to a grease trap, combination oven or the inlet of a sump pump/lift station.

Aqua Bio-Pro Diagram Showing how system works

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