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Spares and Repairs

Aqua Mundus supply all makes and models of grease management systems.

Our engineers carry parts for every eventuality, but we also stock a wide range of parts at our head office that can be readily dispatched to you.

Spares and Repairs include:

Passive Manual

  • Stainless steel grease traps (SSGT)
  • Aluline
  • Filtratrap
  • Trapzilla
  • Lipujet
  • Lipumax
  • CaféTrap

Grease Removal Units

  • Grease Shield
  • Big Dipper
  • Grease Guardian
  • Fat Strippa
  • Grease Release
  • Goslyn

Dosing Units

  • Bio-Pro
  • Grease Pak
  • Grease Guzzler

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        Man with a grease trap doing a repair

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