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Grease Trap Spares and Repairs

Getting your ideal grease trap solution in place is a big job, and once everything is up and running it can be easy to forget about the system and just let it do what it needs to do, particularly if you have an automatic machine that needs very little attention. Eventually, however, your equipment is likely to need some grease trap servicing, either as part of a pre-paid maintenance plan or because of a breakdown.

Thankfully, our fully certified in-house engineers can perform on-site grease trap repairs for a huge number of makes and models and carry many common grease trap spare parts in their vans, enabling us to fix most issues during our first visit. If the problem is more complicated than anticipated, we have a vast range of grease trap spares at our HQ that can be quickly dispatched and delivered to your business to enable the repairs to be made.

If you’re looking after your grease traps yourself and need parts, you can also head over to our online store and order the grease trap spare parts that you require, along with a huge number of great trap consumables too.



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        Not sure what’s wrong with your grease trap and need some help and advice? Get in touch with Aqua Mundus on 01386 832205 or by using our online contact form and we’ll get back to you quickly. Wherever you are in the UK, our network of Aqua Mundus engineers and trusted partners can quickly get to your business in the event of a breakdown, so get in touch today if you need grease trap spares and repairs.

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