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CaféTRAP Coffee Grounds Catcher

A build-up of coffee grinds and food particles in wastewater pipes can eventually begin to cause problems with drainage, culminating in a total blockage of the pipe which can be costly to unblock and can result in downtime for your business.

The CaféTRAP by Aqua Mundus is a fine sediment filtration trap that provides a simple and effective solution to the problem of food sediment and coffee grounds in kitchen wastewater. It is the perfect solution for coffee shops, sandwich bars and delicatessens where significant amounts of coffee grinds and smaller food particles enter the wastewater drainage system.

How Does a Coffee Grounds Catcher Work?

The function of a food particle and coffee grounds catcher is to stop the various sediments that make their way into your kitchen effluent from reaching the wastewater pipes and municipal sewer system. However, they continue to let decontaminated water flow into the sewer as usual.

Excess sediment can eventually cause partial or full blockages either on or beyond your premises and can result in expensive fines from local water companies if the problem is traced back to your business.

The CaféTRAP coffee grounds trap uses a patented FreshMesh basket filtration system that enables the highly efficient separation of solid waste from water. The internal basket has super-fine 1 mm filtration that removes 99% of food and coffee ground sediment waste. The basket can be easily removed, emptied and cleaned.

Is a Coffee Grounds Catcher Difficult to Install?

Not at all. As a leading wastewater solutions company, our engineers have deep experience working alongside clients with kitchens of all different sizes. We understand how vital it is to ensure any wastewater solutions we install don’t interrupt the workflow or layout of your kitchen.

That’s why we designed the CaféTRAP coffee grounds catcher to be compact and space efficient. The unit is ergonomically designed to allow easy access to the filtration basket, which makes maintenance and waste disposal quick and easy. Furthermore, the CaféTRAP is constructed of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel to ensure the longevity of service, and each unit is supplied with a 10-year warranty.

Do I Need a Coffee Shop Grease Trap?

Legally, any commercial business providing hot food will need a grease trap installed, but the legislation covering businesses that only serve drinks and cold food is less defined. However, under section 111 of the Water Industry Act 1991, it is an offence to discharge into the sewer anything that may interfere with the free flow of wastewater.

Water companies are allowed to take legal action to recover any incurred costs caused by sewers that have become blocked due to the failure of a business to manage its wastewater obligations, which can result in substantial fines and even prosecution and imprisonment.

When coffee grounds are washed down the sink, they can accumulate and harden in the pipes over time, leading to clogs and backups. These blockages can cause damage to the sewer system, and coffee grounds can also negatively impact the wastewater treatment process by clogging up filters and decreasing the efficiency of the treatment process.

It seems prudent that any business dealing with coffee grounds and food sediment waste should protect themselves with an affordable, easy-to-maintain coffee shop grease trap, and this is why the experts at Aqua Mundus have designed the CaféTRAP with a dual outlet.

This enables the unit to effectively manage both coffee grounds as well as any fats, oils and grease (FOG) that your business creates. The lower outlet is positioned to efficiently catch coffee grounds, whereas the higher outlet is used to intercept FOG. As a solution, CaféTRAP is the best of both worlds.

The Full Coffee Grounds Trap Solution

The CaféTRAP is available in two sizes. Our minimalistic CaféTRAP CT05 unit is an ideal coffee grounds catcher for businesses using a single coffee machine, while the larger CaféTRAP CT10 unit can manage a greater number of fixtures, including multiple coffee machines, jug wash sinks and wash-up stations.

Aqua Mundus are the experts in wastewater management solutions, from fats, oils and grease to food sediment and coffee grounds. Call us today on 01386 832205 to discuss your needs, or head to our online shop to solve your coffee sediment trap issues.

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