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Grease Trap Sales & Services

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Liverpool

At Aqua Mundus, we're proud to provide premier grease trap installation and servicing across Liverpool, Birkenhead, St Helens, Southport and the wider Merseyside region. Our services begin with a comprehensive, no-obligation free on-site survey, allowing our team of experts to customise a grease management solution that perfectly aligns with your specific business needs.

Whether you're running a bustling restaurant in the heart of Liverpool or a quaint café in Birkenhead, our team of professionals are ready to deliver next-day servicing for all makes, models and sizes of grease trap.

Stay informed about constantly changing regulatory requirements and steer clear of expensive penalties and potential legal consequences for non-compliance. Our grease trap cleaning services in Liverpool and Merseyside are meticulously designed to ensure your business adheres to all relevant regulations.

Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Liverpool and Merseyside

Our grease trap cleaning services, spanning across Liverpool, St Helens, Southport and the surrounding areas of Merseyside, are second to none. We offer eco-friendly solutions to combat the inevitable build-up of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that occur in commercial hot food kitchens.

Our expert team can manage grease trap cleaning for businesses of all sizes, ranging from cost-effective manual cleaning for small establishments to advanced automated systems for larger, busier kitchens. In the event of an emergency, our team is ready to provide same-day grease trap repairs, ensuring that your business can continue to operate without unnecessary interruptions.

Our commitment to swift and professional service in the Liverpool food service sector is second to none. Dial 01386 832205 to find out why we are the top choice for many businesses when it comes to choosing a grease trap.

The Inner Workings of a Grease Trap

If you're new to the world of commercial kitchens, you might be wondering, how does a grease trap work? This essential device separates FOG from wastewater before it enters the sewer system. Inside a grease trap, baffles (walls) slow down the flow of wastewater, allowing the lighter FOG to float to the surface while cleaner water continues its journey to the sewer through a small gap underneath the baffle.

The type and size of the grease trap that your business requires depend on various factors, including the volume of FOG your kitchen produces. Our team is experienced and adept at assisting businesses in Liverpool and Merseyside to select the right model for their needs.

Advantages of Above-Ground Grease Traps

Above-ground grease traps are often an ideal choice for smaller commercial kitchens due to their cost-effectiveness. These traps can be installed anywhere along the wastewater pipeline before it enters the sewer, often beneath a sink for easy access during cleaning and maintenance. At Aqua Mundus, we offer a range of above-ground grease trap models to suit your needs, from budget-friendly options requiring regular cleaning to automated models that demand less maintenance.

The Practicality of Below-Ground Grease Traps

Larger establishments with outdoor space in Liverpool and the surrounding Merseyside region might benefit more from below-ground grease traps. Despite a higher initial investment, these traps tend to be more economical in the long run due to their lower maintenance requirements. Our team ensures the responsible disposal of FOG waste at certified wastewater treatment facilities, managing all necessary documentation to ensure your business stays compliant with regulations.

Biological Grease Treatment: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Aqua Mundus is proud to offer biological grease treatment services in Liverpool and across Merseyside. This eco-friendly method uses specially bred microorganisms that feed on FOG, breaking it down into harmless substances. This not only aids in effective grease management within your premises, but these microorganisms also continue their work in the sewer system, helping maintain clean pipes and reduce the build-up of FOG beyond your property.

Our Comprehensive Range of Grease Trap Services

Aqua Mundus provides an extensive range of grease trap services to cater to all your business needs. We cover Liverpool and the entire Merseyside area, operating from our headquarters in the Midlands, with a network of local partners and depots. Our services include:

With Aqua Mundus, you have a reliable partner in grease trap services in Liverpool and the broader Merseyside area. Our goal is to free you from the stress of FOG management, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Contact us today on 01386 832205 to book your free, no-obligation on-site survey.

Drainage Services and Maintenance in Liverpool and Merseyside

Apart from our grease trap services, we also provide a comprehensive suite of drainage solutions in Liverpool, Birkenhead, St Helens, Southport and the wider Merseyside area. Thanks to our partnership with a leading drainage specialist, we're equipped to handle:

  • CCTV drain surveys to pinpoint and tackle intricate issues
  • Robotic cutting
  • Tanker services
  • Soil stack cleaning and maintenance
  • Septic tank and cesspit emptying
  • Pump services
  • Drain unblocking, incorporating high-pressure jetting
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Asset mapping
  • Drainage maintenance and repair

Don't let drainage issues disrupt your food service operations - get in touch with Aqua Mundus.

Hassle-Free Grease Trap Maintenance and Emergency Breakdown Services

We know that any disruption to your kitchen operations can be a significant setback, which is why we offer pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages tailored to your business's specific needs. These proactive plans help keep your grease traps in excellent working order, reducing the risk of untimely breakdowns and costly repairs.

In the event of unexpected breakdowns, our rapid response service ensures same-day grease trap repair across Liverpool and Merseyside, getting your operations back up and running as swiftly as possible.

With Aqua Mundus, you have a reliable grease management partner who understands your business and its best interests. Transform your grease management system today – call us on 01386 832205 or fill out our online contact form to book your free, no-obligation on-site survey.

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