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When Do You Need a Grease Trap?

You may have heard the term ‘grease trap’, sometimes also known as a ‘grease interceptor’ or a ‘fat trap’, but do you know what they do or if you need one installed on your premises?

Generally, if you own or operate a commercial hot food kitchen in the United Kingdom, legislation states that you should have a grease trap installed. This includes, although isn’t limited to, public premises such as pubs, bars and restaurants that serve hot meals, as well as private employee canteens and food service businesses that cook hot food but don’t sell directly to the public.

In terms of legal compliance, UK businesses in the food service industry are required to have a grease trap installed and maintained in accordance with the Water Industry Act 1991 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Here, we’re taking a more in-depth look at when you need to look at grease trap installation and what you need to consider when buying a grease trap.


What is a Grease Trap?


Briefly, a grease trap is a device that captures and stores fats, oils and grease (FOG) from your kitchen wastewater while allowing the water itself to continue into the sewer. Having a commercial grease trap installed is an essential tool in helping to prevent serious drain blockages that can build up over time if FOG and food particles are washed into the municipal sewer system. You can discover much more about grease traps in our frequently asked questions section and on our blog.


So, Do I Need a Grease Trap?


If you’re unsure whether your business falls into the category of needing a grease trap by law, the best thing you can do is give the grease trap installation, maintenance and cleaning experts at Aqua Mundus a call on 01386 832205 for a chat about the nature of your company. We can also provide a free on-site survey and no-obligation quote to help you find the most ideal, bespoke grease trap solution for your business.

If you would prefer to do more research first, here are just some of the considerations you need to make when it comes to grease trap installation in your business:

Local Regulations: The first thing to investigate is whether your local council requires the use of a grease trap in your type of establishment. This varies depending on the size of your kitchen, the volume of food you prepare and the type of food being cooked.

Your Menu: The type of food you prepare is also a factor in deciding whether a grease trap installation is required. Foods high in fats, oils and grease (FOG) like burgers, sausages and baked goods are more likely to cause blockages in wastewater pipes.

Volume of Cooking: Another consideration is the amount of food being prepared. The more food you cook, the more FOG materials are created. A grease trap is almost always required in a high-volume kitchen to prevent clogs and backups.

Plumbing Infrastructure: Older buildings may have pipes that are more prone to clogging, necessitating the use of a larger, more efficient grease trap. If your kitchen has multiple sinks, each one may require its own grease trap to ensure full FOG capture and compliance.

Environmental Impact: When FOG materials enter the sewer system, they can build up in pipes, causing sewage overflows into waterways. This can have serious consequences for local ecosystems and wildlife. Grease traps prevent this.

Cost Savings: A grease trap can also save you money in the long run. By preventing blockages, you can avoid costly plumbing repairs and emergency clean-up services, not to mention the large fines - and even possible prosecution - for not being legally compliant.


Which Grease Trap Do I Need?

When choosing a commercial kitchen grease trap, it’s vital to get the right size and type for your needs. The size should be determined by the flow rate of your kitchen's wastewater, and the type should be chosen based on the type of food and volume of cooking in your facilities. A professional grease trap installation company like Aqua Mundus can help you find the perfect solution.


Grease Trap Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning Services


A grease trap is a vital installation in any commercial kitchen that prepares hot food or has a high volume of cooking. By preventing FOG from entering the sewer, a grease trap can help prevent blockages, reduce environmental impact, and save you money on repairs and maintenance.

For more information, support and guidance, or to take full advantage of our knowledge, reputation and expertise in installing and maintaining grease traps, call Aqua Mundus today on 01386 832205, send an email to or use our online contact form to get in touch.

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