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Reactive Servicing for Grease Trap Breakdowns

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No matter how well we look after appliances and equipment in our commercial kitchens, there is always an element of unpredictability when it comes to equipment breakdown. At Aqua Mundus, we offer a range of pre-planned maintenance (PPM) solutions for grease traps, and also offer emergency grease trap servicing for when the unexpected happens.

Kitchen downtime can be expensive and inconvenient, and we understand the need to always keep your commercial kitchen in operation. A grease trap breakdown can lead to your entire food service operation being offline while you find a solution.

Thankfully we are here to help with our nationwide emergency servicing for grease traps. If you have a sudden and unexpected issue with a grease trap or automatic grease removal unit then you can rely on the professionals here at Aqua Mundus to get you back up and running in a timely manner. Our emergency grease trap engineers cover breakdowns with a same-day attendance service, which is available seven days a week.

If you need assistance or have any questions, call the experts now on our 24-hour sales and service hotline on 01386 832205.

Grease Trap Breakdowns - Why Do They Happen?

Reactive servicing for grease traps can be required for a number of reasons and can be necessary even if you’re grease trap has been well looked after and kept in good working order. Grease trap breakdown reasons can include:

  • Overloading: If a grease trap is overloaded with too much grease, food particles and other solid materials, it can become clogged, leading to a breakdown.
  • Improper Installation: If a grease trap is not installed correctly, it can cause problems such as leaks, which can lead to breakdowns.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that a grease trap is functioning correctly. If it is not cleaned or serviced regularly, it can break down due to build-up and clogging.
  • Age: Grease traps, like any other equipment, have a lifespan. If they are old and worn out, they may start to break down and require repairs or replacement. If you are needing regular reactive grease trap servicing, it may be more cost-effective to install a new unit.
  • Poor Quality: If a grease trap is made of low-quality materials or has been manufactured poorly, the unit can be more prone to breaking down. Choosing a high-quality, durable grease trap can help prevent breakdowns. We provide a wide range of reliable, proven grease trap solutions at Aqua Mundus.
  • Incorrect or Outdated Unit: Your food service business may have grown considerably since you had your grease trap installed and may no longer be able to cope with the workload of your kitchen and the amount of fats, oils and grease (FOG) it produces.

Emergency Grease Trap Servicing with Aqua Mundus

Our aim here at Aqua Mundus is to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your commercial kitchen wastewater treatment and operation. Our emergency grease trap cleaning solutions will have your grease trap back up and running at its optimal performance level in a swift and professional manner.

Our reactive service is quick, affordable, and is always completed with minimal disruption to your establishment. Call us now on 01386 832205 and talk to the grease trap emergency service experts.

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