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Telford Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Telford

Aqua Mundus is at the forefront of ensuring your kitchen meets the highest standards of grease management with our grease trap installation services in Telford. Right across the town, we recognise the diversity of Telford’s culinary scene and its environmental responsibilities. Our service always starts with a comprehensive, free on-site survey, sowing the seeds for a grease trap maintenance plan customised to the specific needs of your business.

We provide grease trap servicing in Telford with efficiency and expertise, ensuring that your establishment operates without facing the hassles of non-compliance. With our next-day servicing across all models of grease traps, your business can trust our commitment to keeping your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently.

Aqua Mundus provides expert grease trap installation in Telford that aligns with your establishment's layout, whether you require an above-ground system for limited space scenarios or a more extensive below-ground solution for larger operations. With our grease trap maintenance plans, your Telford business will benefit from a bespoke plan that ensures seamless operations.


Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleaning Services in Telford


When you run a hot food kitchen, effective management of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) is not only essential, it’s a legal requirement. Aqua Mundus offers unparalleled grease trap cleaning services across Telford tailored to the unique demands of your establishment. From affordable hands-on manual cleaning units to sophisticated automated systems for high-capacity kitchens, our solutions are eco-friendly and designed for optimal efficiency.

Our team is always on standby to tackle urgent grease trap servicing issues, with a promise of same-day response in and around Telford to keep your kitchen cooking. We have the experience and operational capability to assist all business sizes, ensuring you meet not only your operational needs but also stringent environmental regulations.

As well as grease trap maintenance and emergency repairs, our comprehensive suite of wastewater services also includes drain cleaning and unblocking, and septic tank and cesspit maintenance. Whatever you need doing on your wastewater management systems, call us for dependable and speedy resolutions on 01386 832205.


How Does a Grease Trap Work?


Grease traps are tasked with the job of separating fats, oils and grease (FOG) from wastewater, but how exactly does this critical apparatus function? Well, it’s actually remarkably simple. In the heart of the device, baffles – essentially partitions – reduce the speed of the wastewater flow. This process allows FOG to cool down, solidify and rise to the top of the trap due to its lighter density, while the denser, and now cleaner, water at the bottom passes under a small gap in the baffle and escapes into the municipal sewer system.

Choosing the correct sized grease trap installation for your Telford establishment is pivotal and depends on the FOG volume produced by your kitchen. We have honed our expertise in evaluating and meeting the specific grease trap service needs of diverse culinary businesses.

Not only does the right grease trap cleaning and maintenance plan keep your operations compliant and efficient, but it also preserves the integrity of local wastewater systems. Here are just some of the popular options that we can supply you with:


Benefits of Above-Ground Grease Traps


Telford’s bustling small eateries and cafes can greatly benefit from the installation of above-ground grease traps. These efficient systems offer a cost-effective solution for managing fats, oils and grease, fitting snugly beneath sinks or along the wastewater pipeline for straightforward access. Aqua Mundus provides a versatile selection of above-ground options, including budget-friendly manual models and automated versions that streamline maintenance efforts.


Opting for Below-Ground Grease Traps


For more expansive restaurants and kitchens with the luxury of exterior space, below-ground grease traps are potentially a more affordable investment. While they might present a larger upfront cost, their long-term efficiency and infrequent maintenance demands result in overall cost savings. Our service at Aqua Mundus includes the proper disposal of FOG waste at authorised treatment facilities, coupled with meticulous management of compliance documentation.


Eco-Friendly Biological Grease Treatments


Embracing the global need for greater sustainability, Aqua Mundus offers biological grease treatment solutions, which use micro-organisms to naturally degrade FOG into non-harmful by-products. This not only promotes a cleaner on-site grease management system but also extends its environmental benefits into the local sewer infrastructure, ensuring a greener footprint for your commercial kitchen and the community.


Our Wide Range of Grease Trap Services for Telford


With a near two decades of experience in the wastewater management industry, Aqua Mundus has seen all the common, and not so common issues that can arise when it comes to grease traps. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you and your hot food kitchen avoid and recover from issues that arise with your FOG obligations.

Temporary grease management solutions

Supply and installation of grease traps

Custom grease management systems

Pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages

Drainage management services

Grease trap repair and breakdown services

With such a wide variety of services, dedicated engineers and a great track record too, Aqua Mundus are the only experts you’ll ever need for all your grease trap installation, cleaning, servicing and maintenance needs in Telford and the surrounding areas. Call us today on 01386 832205 to book your free, no-obligation on-site survey and experience the Aqua Mundus difference for yourself.


Drainage Maintenance in Telford


Beyond our nationwide grease trap services, we also offer our expertise in many other forms of wastewater management. Our suite of drainage maintenance services are comprehensive and are a great complement to your grease trap needs should you require any help with:

Drainage maintenance and repair

Soil stack cleaning and maintenance

Septic tank and cesspit emptying

Drain unblocking, with high-pressure jetting

CCTV drain surveys

Robotic cutting

Tanker services

Pump services

Gutter cleaning

Asset mapping

With the ability to handle anything from a simple grease trap issue to managing an entire wastewater system, Aqua Mundus can make sure your Telford business always stays efficient and compliant. To discuss your needs and arrange for your no-obligation, on-site evaluation, call Aqua Mundus today on 01386 832205.


Grease Trap Maintenance Services in Telford


We are aware that even a minor glitch in your kitchen's function can cause serious problems. This is where our specially designed pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages come to the rescue. They are tailored with your company's requirements in mind and guarantee the highest standards are met for grease trap maintenance. Our strategy helps prevent the unexpected, ensuring that your grease traps operate without a hitch.

Our same day response team is ready to provide emergency grease trap servicing and repair throughout Telford in the event of a sudden malfunction, minimising any downtime and quickly regaining your kitchen's functionality. Our goal is to protect your business from any grease management problems by offering prompt service.

Are you looking for a smoother grease trap experience? For professional guidance, give 01386 832205 a call, or schedule your no-obligation, free on-site assessment online. Your grease trap installation and maintenance needs are in good hands with Aqua Mundus, no matter where you ar

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