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Reading Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Reading

As a major shopping and social hub for much of the Thames Valley area, Reading blends its historical charm with an impressive diversity in culinary offerings. With so many restaurants and catering establishments, Aqua Mundus are proud to offer the town expert grease trap installation and maintenance services. Our tailored services cater to the needs of Reading's bustling eateries and cafés, from efficient grease trap cleaning to proactive maintenance solutions. Our commitment is to keep your kitchen in compliance with all legal regulations and running smoothly at all times. Contact us today and experience the Aqua Mundus difference in Reading. 

Grease Trap Cleaning in Reading 

Essential in every commercial hot food kitchen, grease traps work using the scientific principle that fats, oils and grease (FOG) are less dense than water, and so will naturally separate given a little time. A grease trap simply slows down wastewater with a series of baffles (walls), allowing FOG to rise and be captured in the trap, while the decontaminated water can escape through small gaps under the baffles, into the sewer. 

Our services range from grease trap installation to regular maintenance, for everything from cosy cafés to the largest restaurants. We ensure grease trap cleaning in Reading is prompt and effective, with solutions for both manual and automated systems. In case of emergencies, our rapid response team is on hand for quick grease trap maintenance and repairs, reducing kitchen downtime. We’re committed to offering reliable service and advice for your grease management needs. 

Choosing the Right Grease Trap for Your Business 

In Reading, where kitchen sizes vary as much as the menus, choosing the right grease trap installation makes all the difference. For compact eateries or kitchens with limited space, above-ground grease traps are a smart choice. Easy to install, clean and maintain, they're perfect for smaller operations. On the other hand, larger restaurants, especially those with outdoor space, might benefit from the higher capacity and lower maintenance of below-ground grease traps. Regardless of your choice, each type ensures your establishment runs efficiently and remains environmentally compliant. We’ll help you find the best grease trap for your kitchen’s needs. 

Biological Grease Treatment 

Biological grease treatment is an innovative alternative to traditional grease traps. This method uses naturally occurring micro-organisms, designed to target and break down FOG. Not only does it effectively manage FOG at the source, but it also continues its work down the line, benefiting the sewer system well beyond your drains. This sustainable option seamlessly fits into your existing grease management system, offering efficient FOG control with a reduced ecological footprint. 

Our Other Grease Management Services 

We offer more than just grease trap installation and cleaning in Reading. Our services are designed to meet all your grease management needs, ensuring your kitchen remains operational and compliant. Our comprehensive range of services includes: 

Dedicated services for grease trap maintenance and repair 

Expert supply and installation of various grease traps 

Bespoke consultations for custom grease management system designs 

Pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages tailored to your specific needs 

Temporary solutions for short-term grease management challenges 

Extensive drainage management services 

Each service is tailored to maximise efficiency and ensure compliance with regulations. For a complete grease trap service in Reading, contact Aqua Mundus. 

Grease Trap Maintenance, Breakdown and Drainage Services in Reading 

We understand the critical need for uninterrupted kitchen operations in the bustling food service industry of Reading. Our services include tailored pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages, specifically designed to meet the requirements of your establishment. This preventative approach helps ensure your grease traps function optimally, avoiding unexpected breakdowns. In the unlikely event you do need an emergency grease trap service, our rapid response team is ready for immediate action, providing swift repairs and emergency support.  

Furthermore, our expertise extends to a wide array of drainage services. We handle drain unblocking, septic tank and cesspit emptying, and more, offering an end-to-end solution to your wastewater management needs. By choosing Aqua Mundus for your grease trap installation and maintenance in Reading, you ensure smooth operations, full compliance with regulations and a responsive service that keeps your business running without interruption. 

Discover the Aqua Mundus Advantage in Reading - Contact Us Today 

Take the stress out of kitchen grease management with Aqua Mundus's expert services. Begin with our no-obligation, free on-site survey, where we'll discover your specific needs and craft a tailored solution. Our commitment is to provide exceptional service and sound advice at every step.  

For top-tier grease trap cleaning, maintenance and installation in Reading, get in touch with us on 01386 832205 or Experience the Aqua Mundus difference with your reliable partner in grease management. 

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