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Comprehensive Grease Trap Installation Services

Installation of Grease Management System on site

Aqua Mundus is at the forefront of commercial grease trap installation in the UK, delivering premium, eco-friendly waste management solutions that cater to the unique needs of your commercial kitchen. With an exemplary track record, we proudly assist businesses throughout the entire country, ensuring high-quality service and innovative low-maintenance solutions are within your reach. 

Our grease trap installation services are designed to suit various setups, including new builds, building conversions and established food service premises. Our experienced engineers specialise in installing an array of grease management systems, including both above-ground grease traps and below-ground grease traps. Our expertise, combined with our commitment to your business's specific needs, allows us to provide a comprehensive service that is as efficient as it is reliable. 

Recognising the unique challenges and requirements of commercial food service environments, we offer flexible installation scheduling to suit your needs. Our team is available during standard UK working hours, and we also provide an out-of-hours service to ensure uninterrupted high-quality service. This flexibility allows us to provide our expert services with minimal disruption to your business operations. 


Grease Trap Installation Costs 


When it comes to the cost of commercial grease trap installation, several factors are taken into consideration, including the type of grease trap, the complexity of the installation process and the size of the grease trap best suited to your premises. At Aqua Mundus, we strive to maintain competitive pricing whilst ensuring our service standards remain consistently high. To obtain an accurate quote for your grease trap installation cost, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, have a look at our grease trap sizing calculator tools

All our grease traps, whether automatic or passive systems, are crafted from robust materials such as high-density polyethylene and stainless steel. This commitment to quality ensures durable grease management solutions that can withstand the demands of busy commercial kitchens. 


Grease Trap Installation in the UK 


Our commercial grease trap installation services aim to prevent sewer line blockages, reduce the risk of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and help you maintain compliance with local water authority regulations – wherever you are in the UK – regarding the safe and legal disposal of fats, oils and grease (FOG). Aqua Mundus stands as a trusted partner in the grease management industry, providing top-notch, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions. 

With Aqua Mundus, your commercial grease trap installation will not only work around the business needs of your kitchen operation but will also contribute to sustainable waste management practices. For further information or to book your complimentary site survey, please contact Aqua Mundus for the best comprehensive grease trap solutions. 

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