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High Wycombe Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in High Wycombe

  • We offer tailored grease trap maintenance for kitchens and dining venues of all sizes.
  • Strict compliance with environmental standards, ensuring seamless operations.
  • We provide prompt services for unexpected grease trap issues, ensuring minimal downtime.

Nestled at the edge of the Chiltern Hills just a few miles north of London, High Wycombe and its surrounding towns and villages boast a wide range of eateries, from artisanal cafés and bustling gastropubs to professional caterers and a generous smattering of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Whatever the size of your food service business, Aqua Mundus is committed to providing robust commercial grease trap service and maintenance, tailored to your unique needs. If you operate in the High Wycombe area and have been searching for “grease trap cleaning services near me” then we can ensure you meet crucial fats, oils and grease (FOG) legislation. Our goal is to enhance your efficiency, allowing you to dedicate your efforts to what you do best.


Finding the Grease Trap that Works for You

At Aqua Mundus we excel in commercial grease trap services, including maintenance, cleaning and bespoke installation advice. We understand that when you’re looking for a grease trap for the first time or trying to find a replacement for a discontinued model, the selection is vast and intimidating. We’ll listen to your needs and find the best solution.

Why do you need a grease trap? These devices ensure the safe separation and removal of FOG from kitchen wastewater, safeguarding the wider sewer system from blockages. We offer a diverse selection of grease traps including above-ground, below-ground and automatic options.

Our above-ground grease traps are more easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance, making them an excellent choice for smaller kitchens and venues. Larger establishments would benefit more from below-ground grease traps, which provide greater capacity and require less frequent servicing. Our automatic models offer the highest level of efficiency, automating the FOG removal process and streamlining your kitchen maintenance routine.

Our team will assess your kitchen's specific needs and recommend the most suitable grease trap cleaning and installation solution, helping you avoid potential blockages and significant fines, and ensuring full compliance with environmental standards.


Other Services We Offer

Aqua Mundus goes beyond just grease trap cleaning and maintenance to provide a wide range of essential waste management services to our clients in High Wycombe:

Our experienced and dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your commercial kitchen operates efficiently with minimal disruption. Whether you need regular commercial grease trap services or emergency assistance, Aqua Mundus offers the resources to keep you running.


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Simplify your grease trap maintenance needs in High Wycombe with Aqua Mundus. We provide a complimentary site survey to understand your specific requirements and propose bespoke solutions. Call 01386 832205 or send us an email at to find out how we can assist your establishment with our comprehensive grease trap cleaning services.

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