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Tanker Services

Tanker Services

Via our partnership with drainage services specialists, we can provide our customers with access to one of the largest tanker truck fillng upand most flexible fleets of tankers in the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Vacuum, jetting and combination tankers are available for a wide range of applications large and small.

Vacuum tankers for flood relief

If your food service business is flooded you want to remove water from the premises as quickly as possible.  Vacuum tankers provide an excellent solution. Using a specially designed 4” diameter hose vacuum tanker can remove up to 2000 gallons of water or debris in a matter of minutes.   Expert engineers will also be on hand to help deal with flooding events large or small.

Combination tankers

When flooding has occurred, silt can prevent sewers and drainage gullies from working effectively.  Combination tankers not only remove silt using a vacuum but also flush through sewers to ensure they are cleaned and in full working order.

Jetting operations for large sewers

The UK team is experienced in handling cleaning and debris removal from commercial sites.  To guarantee a more complete, swift and effectively clean, Our tankers use high flow rates at lower pressure instead of using high-pressure jet washing to blast through blockages.

Jetting operations and water supply in remote locations

When water supplies are remote a more flexible solution is often required.  For remote locations in rural areas, we can provide recycling tankers that have a unique ability to filter debris from water used for jetting and then return it to the jetting hose. This enables our recycling tankers to undertake hours of jetting without the need to refill the tanker.

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