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Grease Trap Sales & Services

 Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Norwich

Elevate and optimise your kitchen's efficiency with Aqua Mundus, the forefront provider of grease trap services in Norwich and the surrounding areas, enriching businesses from the bustling city centre with its famous market, to the historic lanes and beyond in this storied city. Our connection to the heart of Norfolk extends through the serene waterways of the Broads and to the iconic coastal towns of North Norfolk including Cromer and Great Yarmouth. 

From precise installation to dedicated grease trap maintenance in Norwich and beyond, our team ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to concentrate on your culinary creations. Our specialists are equipped for hot food kitchen establishments of any and every scale, promising next-day servicing for both above-ground and below-ground units, fortifying your business against disruptions and significant non-compliance risks.  

Our top-tier process begins with a comprehensive, free on-site survey, allowing us to tailor our services to the distinctive requirements of your establishment. Contact us to learn how our grease trap cleaning in Norwich and other comprehensive services can keep your operations smooth, compliant and environmentally conscious. 


Grease Trap Cleaning in Norwich 


In any hot food kitchen, commercial or otherwise, the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease is an unavoidable reality. However, you can easily combat this issue with Aqua Mundus, your reliable ally for eco-conscious grease trap installation in Norwich. Our available grease trap styles range from budget-friendly, frequently serviced traps to high-end automated systems necessitating less upkeep. 

Understanding that disruptions can be costly, we pledge emergency grease trap servicing in Norwich too, ensuring your kitchen operations remain unhampered. With a wide spectrum of solutions including drain jetting and septic tank maintenance, we're not just a service, we're a partnership for all your FOG management needs. 

Our unwavering commitment to prompt, professional service has established us as a trusted name in Norwich's food service industry. Call us on 01386 832205 to learn how we can keep your business running smoothly and compliantly. 


Understanding the Mechanics of Grease Traps 


Integral to the smooth operation of any commercial hot food kitchen, grease traps are your first line of defence against FOG – fats, oils and grease. But how exactly do they keep FOG out of the municipal sewer system? The process is ingenious yet straightforward. Grease traps feature internal baffles or walls, that slow the flow of wastewater, allowing the lighter FOG to rise to the surface of the trap. The FOG is thus collected in the trap, while the cleansed water slips beneath a short gap at the bottom of the baffle and heads off into the sewer. 

But choosing the ideal grease trap isn't a one-size-fits-all affair. It demands a keen understanding of your kitchen's size and the volume of FOG generated. That's where our expertise comes into play, as we’ll help guide you through choosing the right size and style of grease trap to ensure legal compliance and the most efficient solution for your specific needs. 


Above-Ground Grease Traps 


Suited for more modest kitchen setups, above-ground grease traps are a boon. They're usually tucked under the sink for easy maintenance access and can be installed anywhere along the wastewater line, provided it's before your line meets the municipal sewer. Our range at Aqua Mundus spans from economical models that call for more regular, hands-on attention to sophisticated, automated units that require significantly less maintenance. 


Below-Ground Grease Traps 


For a bustling, larger kitchen with outdoor space to spare, below-ground grease traps are the more efficient choice. They may be pricier initially, but they score in the long run with their lower upkeep needs. Our comprehensive service at Aqua Mundus doesn't stop at installation either.  

We extend to regular cleaning, deploying dedicated vacuum tankers to whisk away the FOG to certified processing plants. We take care of the paperwork too, ensuring you are in strict conformity with the BS EN 1825 standards and local mandates, letting you breathe easy and keep your focus where it truly belongs – on delighting your patrons. 


Innovative Biological Grease Treatment Solutions 


Looking for a viable alternative to traditional grease traps? Embrace the future of sustainable grease management with biological grease dosing treatments. This cutting-edge approach uses specially cultivated micro-organisms, which naturally digest FOG and convert it into benign waste that can safely, and legally, enter the sewer system. The true beauty of this method lies not only in its immediate effectiveness within your drainage system but also in the extended benefits it delivers to the broader sewage network. 

These advanced micro-organisms persist well beyond your premises, actively contributing to a cleaner, more efficient municipal sewer system. By choosing our biological solutions, you're investing in a greener future, mitigating environmental impact and fostering a sustainable approach to waste management in your operations. For more details on how our biological systems can revolutionise your grease management, contact us on 01386 832205. 


Our Comprehensive Grease Trap Services 


At Aqua Mundus, our expertise extends beyond traditional grease trap cleaning in Norwich, we're your comprehensive solution for FOG (fats, oils, and grease) management. From our strategic location in the Midlands, we can provide many grease trap services in Norwich, including: 

Take the hassle out of grease management and focus on what you do best – running your commercial hot food kitchen. Contact us on 01386 832205 for your free on-site evaluation. 


Drainage Maintenance in Norwich 


Do you have worries about your wider drainage system too? Aqua Mundus can also help remedy a large number of related issues beyond just grease traps in Norwich, thanks to our renowned network and solid partnership with a top-tier drainage expert. Our combined capabilities include: 

  • CCTV drain surveys 
  • Robotic cutting 
  • Tanker services 
  • Soil stack cleaning 
  • Septic tank and cesspit servicing 
  • Drain unblocking 
  • Gutter cleaning 
  • Asset mapping 
  • Comprehensive drainage maintenance and repair 

Don't let drainage issues derail your business. Get in touch with Aqua Mundus for peace of mind, letting you focus on your core kitchen operations and keeping your customers happy. 


Maintenance and Breakdowns 


Recognising the importance of continuous hot food kitchen operations to your enterprise, Aqua Mundus provides tailored pre-planned grease trap maintenance packages in Norwich, specifically designed to mitigate disruptions caused by unexpected downtime. These bespoke packages adhere to all compliance certifications and are highly tailored to your unique business demands. 

Encounter an unforeseen issue? Our rapid response team has you covered with immediate grease trap servicing and repairs in Norwich, ensuring you get back up and running in the quickest time possible. Our pledge is prompt, proficient and professional assistance when you need it most. 

Choose Aqua Mundus and make the switch to an improved grease management system now. Contact us on 01386 832205 or complete our online contact form to schedule a complimentary on-site survey with no obligation. 

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