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Grease Trap Sales & Services

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Lancaster 

Nestled in the historic heart of Lancashire, the city of Lancaster is home to a thriving restaurant scene, catering to both locals and visiting tourists alike. In this bustling city, the importance of effective grease management in commercial kitchens is paramount. To comply with legal requirements and prevent sewer blockages, every food service business, from quaint riverside cafés to large city centre restaurants, needs a reliable grease trap system. Aqua Mundus leads the way in providing top-notch grease trap installation and maintenance in Lancaster, ensuring seamless kitchen operations and environmental compliance. 


Grease Trap Cleaning in Lancaster 


Fats, oils and grease (FOG) waste from commercial kitchens is an unavoidable part of hot food provision, but they pose a significant threat to our municipal sewer systems, which if left unchecked often leads to blockages and knock-on environmental hazards. Grease traps, which are installed between your kitchen's wastewater outlets and the sewer system, use baffles (walls) to slow down the flow, allowing FOG to solidify and rise naturally. This process effectively separates FOG from the water, which then safely enters the sewer through small gaps underneath the baffles.  

In Lancaster, our comprehensive grease trap service covers everything from under-sink grease trap models for smaller kitchens to sophisticated automatic grease traps for larger establishments. Aside from installation, we also offer thorough grease trap cleaning and servicing in Lancaster, ensuring your kitchen remains legally compliant and operationally efficient at all times. 


Grease Trap Installation in Lancaster – Which Model is Best? 


Selecting the ideal grease trap for your Lancaster establishment can be a daunting task, but Aqua Mundus is here to simplify the process. We offer a range of grease traps, including manual and automatic models, suited for various kitchen sizes and layouts. Above-ground grease traps are perfect for smaller spaces, easily fitting under sinks for convenient maintenance. Below-ground grease traps are more suitable for larger kitchens, providing higher capacity and lower long-term maintenance. With our expertise on tap, you’ll have no problem choosing the best grease trap type for your business. 


Biological Grease Solutions 


In addition to traditional grease traps, Aqua Mundus also offers biological grease dosing in Lancaster – an innovative and eco-friendly solution. This innovative method employs specially developed micro-organisms that digest FOG, transforming it into harmless waste suitable for sewer disposal. This process not only effectively manages grease at the source but also continues to benefit the wider sewer system. More Lancaster businesses are turning to this remarkable option for sustainable grease management. 


Complete Solutions for Grease Management 


Our expertise extends beyond grease trap installation and cleaning in Lancaster, encompassing a full range of grease management services for local food service businesses. Our offerings include: 

Expert installation of various grease trap models 

Bespoke design services for complete grease management systems 

Responsive emergency repairs and servicing for grease traps 

Customised pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages 

Short-term solutions for unique grease management needs 

Comprehensive drainage management for your entire system 

From minimal to extensive reliance on our services, Aqua Mundus can tailor a solution to fit your business's unique needs. 


Grease Trap Maintenance, Breakdown and Drainage Services in Lancaster 


Our pre-planned maintenance (PPM) service is particularly popular in Lancaster and has been extensively designed to prevent kitchen disruptions and reduce the likelihood of grease trap breakdowns. In emergencies, we also offer rapid grease trap servicing in Lancaster to keep your kitchen running smoothly – our years of experience mean we know exactly how disruptive kitchen downtime can be, and how bad unexpected closures can be for your reputation. 

Our expertise extends well beyond grease traps for commercial kitchens too, with our full range of services including 24/7 drain unblocking, as well as cesspit and septic tank emptying and maintenance, making Aqua Mundus your all-encompassing partner for grease and wastewater management in Lancaster. Whatever happens, our comprehensive drainage services can come to your rescue. 


The Aqua Mundus Advantage in Lancaster - Contact Us Today 


Whether you need grease trap installation, cleaning or comprehensive grease management in Lancaster, Aqua Mundus is your go-to expert. Get in touch with us today on 01386 832205 or to start with a free, no-obligation grease trap site survey. Join the many businesses in Lancaster that rely on Aqua Mundus for their grease management needs – we're here to provide unparalleled service every step of the way. 


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