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Grease Trap Sales & Services

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Derby

Throughout a city celebrated for its vibrant culinary scene and industrial heritage, Aqua Mundus leads the way with expert grease trap services for Derby food service establishments. Our tailored approach addresses the unique challenges faced by Derby's wide variety of eateries, from cosy cafés to expansive restaurants. We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions that encompass everything from grease trap installation to cleaning, ensuring that your business not only operates efficiently but also adheres to local and national compliance regulations. With a focus on grease trap maintenance too, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards. Contact us for more info. 


Grease Trap Cleaning in Derby 

Grease traps are essential, not to mention legally required, in commercial hot food kitchens to effectively manage fats, oils and grease (FOG). Grease traps work by slowing down wastewater flow, allowing lighter FOG to rise and be captured at the top of the trap, while cleaner water exits, FOG-free, through the bottom of the trap and into the sewer. This is a crucial step in preventing environmental contamination and sewer blockages. 

Our grease trap cleaning services in Derby are tailored to support the diverse needs of local businesses. From regular maintenance that keeps traps functioning optimally to responsive care in emergencies, we ensure your kitchen's compliance and efficiency. With our experience and understanding of the food service industry, we provide grease trap maintenance in Derby that minimises disruptions, ensuring the ongoing operation of your establishment. Trust Aqua Mundus for reliable, environmentally conscious grease trap servicing in Derby, for any kitchen size. 


Which Grease Trap Is Best for Your Business? 

Selecting the right grease trap installation for your Derby business is crucial. There are many different makes and models available, but they all broadly fit into two categories - above-ground and below-ground options. Above-ground grease traps are ideal for smaller kitchens, making them accessible for straightforward maintenance. Below-ground grease traps are suited for larger kitchens that have available external space. They offer greater capacity and require less frequent servicing. Each option ensures efficient operation and environmental compliance. At Aqua Mundus, our decades of experience will help you choose the best solution for your kitchen’s layout and demands. 


Biological Grease Treatment 

As an alternative to a traditional trap, why not consider biological grease treatment? This method uses specially developed micro-organisms, which effectively break down fats, oils and grease (FOG) by digesting them, turning them into safe, benign substances that can safely go into the sewer. This system not only improves grease management at your site but also continues to benefit the wider sewer system, as the micro-organisms continue to do their job far beyond your boundary.  


Our Comprehensive Services 

Our expertise extends beyond just grease trap installation and cleaning in Derby. We offer a full spectrum of services, designed to cover every aspect of grease management and wastewater solutions. Our range of services includes: 

Each service is crafted to ensure your business complies with regulations and operates efficiently. Contact us today for a complete, hassle-free solution to your wastewater management needs. 


Grease Trap Maintenance, Breakdown and Drainage Services in Derby 

Aqua Mundus excels in providing grease trap maintenance and emergency repair services in Derby, ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of your kitchen. Our tailored pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages are designed to meet your specific needs, focusing on preventing issues before they arise. This proactive approach minimises the risk of unforeseen breakdowns and keeps your grease traps functioning optimally. In the event of a breakdown, our rapid response team is prepared for immediate action, offering rapid grease trap repair services in Derby. 

Additionally, we extend our expertise to our full range of related drainage services, including drain unblocking and septic tank and cesspit emptying services, ensuring comprehensive management of all your wastewater needs. With Aqua Mundus, you receive a complete package of care for your grease traps and drainage systems. For peace of mind and efficient grease management in Derby, trust our skilled professionals to provide a reliable and responsive service. 


Discover the Aqua Mundus Advantage in Derby - Contact Us Today 

Hand off the headache of your Derby kitchen’s grease management obligations with our exceptional grease trap services. Our process starts with a free, no-obligation on-site survey, where our experts will assess and tailor solutions specifically for your needs.  

We're committed to delivering top-notch service and advice, ensuring your kitchen operates at its best. Enhance your grease management system and contact us now on 01386 832205 or, and experience the Aqua Mundus difference in your business. 

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