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Grease Trap Sales & Services


Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Chester

Looking to achieve top-notch kitchen efficiency with your grease management system? Look no further than Aqua Mundus and our grease trap installation services in Chester. Whether your business thrives within the shadow of the ancient walls or flourishes near the meandering River Dee, we understand the unique needs of this historic city and its environmental standards. 

Our easy process begins with a detailed, no obligation free on-site survey, designed to establish the specific requirements of your unique establishment. Our team of professionals, well-versed in the demands of both quaint riverside eateries and grand dining halls, stands ready to provide swift grease trap servicing in Chester, ensuring your kitchen flow is uninterrupted and fully compliant with environmental regulations. 

We pride ourselves on offering next-day servicing for all configurations of grease traps, including both above-ground and below-ground systems. Our bespoke grease trap maintenance in Chester will safeguard your establishment against the risk of non-compliance, avoiding the stringent penalties that can accompany it. 

Grease Trap Cleaning in Chester

Every hot food kitchen needs to vigilantly manage its fats, oils, and grease (FOG) output. Aqua Mundus is your reliable partner and national expert in the field, offering grease trap cleaning in Chester and the surrounding areas that will keep your grease management solution running at peak efficiency. Our range covers manual traps for smaller kitchens to advanced automatic systems for high-volume venues, ensuring your setup meets both the workload of your kitchen and local regulations with ease. 

In urgent situations, and to help prevent costly interruptions to your business, our responsive team promises same-day grease trap servicing in Chester. Alongside this, we also offer a full suite of additional services, including drain cleaning and unblocking and septic tank and cesspit maintenance. Contact us on 01386 832205 for dependable grease trap maintenance in Chester. 


How Does a Grease Trap Work? 


In simple terms, a grease trap intercepts fats, oils and grease (FOG) before they enter the municipal sewer system. It uses a system of baffles (walls) to slow the wastewater, allowing FOG to float to the top of the tank and be contained within the unit, while cleaner water flows out to the sewer system. 

Chester’s diverse range of dining establishments all share the need for effective grease trap maintenance. The appropriate size of grease trap is determined by the amount of FOG produced and local environmental standards, not just kitchen size. 

With our expert reputation for grease trap installation in Chester, which is always highly tailored by our engineers to match your kitchen's needs, you can rest assured of meeting local guidelines and protecting the historic city’s infrastructure. Our professional grease trap cleaning in Chester also contributes to the longevity and functionality of your system, preventing disruptions and maintaining kitchen operations. Here are just some of your options for grease management solutions: 


Above-Ground Grease Traps 


Ideal for Chester’s snug kitchen spaces, above-ground grease traps provide a cost-effective grease management solution. Easily installed under sinks or along waste lines, these traps ensure simple maintenance and are adaptable to various kitchen sizes. Aqua Mundus supplies a wide range in this category, from economical manual models to self-cleaning units, catering to the diverse requirements of Chester’s eateries. 


Below-Ground Grease Traps 


Chester’s larger food venues could benefit more from below-ground grease traps, particularly those that have a suitable amount of outdoor space for their installation. They may require a more substantial initial investment, but their long-term efficiency and low maintenance provide long-term value. Aqua Mundus offers comprehensive grease trap services, including ethical FOG disposal and adherence to the BS EN 1825 standards, assuring compliance and convenience. 


Biological Grease Treatment  


Aqua Mundus is also proud to recommend biological grease treatment – an innovative, eco-conscious option for Chester’s commercial kitchens. Using micro-organisms to biologically digest FOG, this method is effective both on-site and continues to protect the wider sewer system beyond your property boundary. Our solutions align with environmental standards, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional grease management practices. 


Our Other Services 


Aqua Mundus offers so much more than just premier grease trap installation in Chester. Our commitment to excellence in kitchen efficiency and environmental compliance is echoed in our broad range of services: 

Temporary grease management solutions 

Supply and installation of grease traps 

Custom grease management systems 

Pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages 

Drainage management services 

Grease trap repair and breakdown services 

Let Aqua Mundus take the headache of FOG management away from your busy kitchen managers and free up their time to concentrate on what you do best – great food. Call 01386 832205 or use our simple online form to book your free, no-obligation on-site consultation today. 


Drainage Services and Maintenance in Chester 


Complementing our specialised grease trap services, Aqua Mundus brings a suite of expert drainage solutions to Chester too. Through our partnership with industry-leading drainage professionals, our offerings include: 

Comprehensive drainage maintenance and repair 

Septic tank and cesspit servicing 

Drain unblocking 

CCTV drain surveys 

Robotic cutting 

Tanker services 

Soil stack cleaning and maintenance 

Gutter cleaning 

Asset mapping 

From addressing a basic grease trap concern to overseeing a full wastewater system management strategy, Aqua Mundus is equipped to ensure your Chester business remains compliant and efficient. 

Experience flawless drainage with our bespoke maintenance services. Contact Aqua Mundus on  01386 832205 to discuss your needs and schedule your no-obligation, on-site assessment. 


Maintenance and Breakdowns 


We know that even a small hiccup in your kitchen's operations can lead to significant setbacks. That's where our bespoke pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages come into play, crafted with your unique business needs in mind, ensuring your grease trap maintenance adheres to the highest standards. Our approach is designed to prevent the unexpected, keeping your grease traps functioning flawlessly and your business flowing smoothly. 

Should an unforeseen breakdown occur, our dedicated response team is at the ready to deliver same-day grease trap servicing and repair across Chester, minimising any downtime and restoring your kitchen's efficiency without delay. Our mission is to provide speedy support, safeguarding your operations against any grease management issues. 

Ready for a hassle-free grease trap experience? Call 01386 832205 for expert assistance or book your no-obligation, free on-site assessment online. Wherever you are in the Chester area, with Aqua Mundus your grease trap installation and maintenance needs are in expert hands. 



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