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Grease Trap Sales & Services

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Brighton & Hove City

Aqua Mundus brings unparalleled expertise in grease trap installation and servicing to Brighton and Hove. Recognised nationally for our meticulous approach, we start each project with a comprehensive, no-obligation on-site survey. This first step allows us to create a grease management plan tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your establishment, be it a bustling restaurant on Brighton's seafront or a cosy bistro in Hove. 

We cater to a diverse range of establishments, offering swift next-day servicing for every type of grease trap, including both space-efficient above-ground grease traps and high-capacity below-ground grease traps. Our commitment to proactive grease trap maintenance in Brighton and Hove not only guarantees the smooth running of your commercial kitchen but also keeps you a step ahead of regulatory compliance, protecting your business from any potential legal or environmental issues

Aqua Mundus comprehensively covers all your grease management needs, whether you need grease trap installation, cleaning or servicing in Brighton and Hove – just get in touch with us today to experience the Aqua Mundus difference. 

Grease Trap Cleaning in Brighton and Hove 

Brighton and Hove's bustling culinary scene is diverse, with a great mix of traditional and contemporary options. With such variety, the effective management of fats, oils and grease (FOG) is absolutely crucial. At Aqua Mundus, we offer top-tier grease trap cleaning services tailored to the needs of this vibrant area. Our range of grease traps, from manually operated models ideal for smaller eateries to advanced automated systems for larger kitchens, ensures we have the perfect solution for every business size and type. 

Recognising the urgency of unexpected issues, our team is committed to delivering fast grease trap repair services throughout Brighton and Hove. Our swift response minimises any operational disruptions, maintaining the smooth flow of your kitchen activities. Our comprehensive service extends beyond grease trap maintenance, including essential wastewater services such as drain unblocking and septic tank care. 

Looking for expert grease trap cleaning and maintenance in Brighton and Hove? Then call 01386 832205 for a solution that meets your specific needs and also upholds environmental standards. 

The Ingenuity of How Grease Traps Work 

Understanding the function of a grease trap is key to effective kitchen management. These devices are essential in preventing fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering the municipal sewer system. The process is straightforward yet ingenious: wastewater enters the trap, where it encounters baffles (walls) that slow its flow. This speed reduction allows FOG to rise to the surface due to its lighter density, while the heavier, cleaner water exits the trap through an opening below the baffles, free of FOG contamination. 

Choosing the correct size and type of grease trap for your Brighton and Hove establishment is crucial. It depends on factors like the volume of FOG generated and the size of your kitchen. At Aqua Mundus, we specialise in providing bespoke grease trap solutions, ensuring your kitchen meets both efficiency standards and environmental regulations. With regular maintenance and cleaning, our grease traps help maintain smooth operations, prevent blockages, and lessen sewer obstructions. 

Above-Ground Grease Trap Options 

For Brighton and Hove, above-ground grease traps are often the perfect fit for the city's diverse and space-conscious eateries. Easily installed under sinks or along waste lines, these traps provide an efficient grease management solution, adaptable to both quaint cafés and bustling restaurants. Aqua Mundus offers a range of models, from budget-friendly manual versions to advanced automated systems, ensuring every kitchen in Brighton and Hove can find the right fit for their grease trap needs. 


Below-Ground Grease Trap Options 


For larger dining venues in Brighton and Hove with available outdoor space, below-ground grease traps offer a more extensive solution. These systems, while requiring a higher initial investment, prove economical in the long run due to lower maintenance needs. Aqua Mundus ensures each installation adheres to BS EN 1825 standards, providing comprehensive grease trap services including ethical FOG disposal via our network of mobile vacuum tankers, making them a viable and popular choice for the city’s more expansive culinary establishments.  


Biological Grease Treatment Options 


There’s also a third option that has been growing in popularity in recent years, and that’s biological grease treatment. Using specially designed micro-organisms to naturally break down FOG, this method is not only effective on-site as it is being regularly dosed into your wastewater, but it also continues to work beyond your property boundary, benefitting the wider sewer system. Ideal for environmentally conscious kitchens, this sustainable option aligns with Brighton and Hove’s green initiatives, offering a responsible and efficient alternative to traditional grease traps and helping maintain the city’s vibrant, eco-aware culinary scene. 


Our Other Services in Brighton and Hove 


Aqua Mundus extends its expertise beyond just grease trap installation and servicing in Brighton and Hove. We’re dedicated to providing a full suite of grease management solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Our comprehensive range of services includes: 

Custom grease management systems 

Supply and installation of grease traps 

Grease trap repair and breakdown services 

Pre-planned grease trap maintenance (PPM) packages 

Temporary grease management solutions 

Drainage management services 

We focus on delivering hassle-free FOG management solutions, allowing you to concentrate on running your business efficiently. Whether it's a bustling seafront restaurant or a charming café in Hove, we ensure your grease management needs are met with professionalism and care. Contact the experts at Aqua Mundus today on 01386 832205 for a no-obligation on-site survey


Drainage Maintenance in Brighton and Hove 


In addition to our specialised grease trap services, Aqua Mundus offers a full spectrum of drainage solutions across Brighton and Hove. We partner with industry-leading drainage experts to provide: 

CCTV drain surveys for precise issue identification 

Robotic cutting for complex blockage removal 

Comprehensive tanker services 

Meticulous soil stack cleaning and maintenance 

Septic tank and cesspit emptying services 

Reliable pump services 

High-pressure jetting for effective drain unblocking 

Thorough gutter cleaning 

Detailed asset mapping 

Regular drainage maintenance and urgent repairs 

Our goal is to ensure that your business operates smoothly without the worry of drainage issues. Aqua Mundus can handle all your drainage maintenance needs in Brighton and Hove, keeping your operations efficient and compliant. Call us on 01386 832205 for an expert consultation or to arrange a free, no-obligation on-site evaluation. 


Reliable Grease Trap Maintenance and Emergency Servicing in Brighton and Hove 


We understand the importance of uninterrupted kitchen operations in the food service industry. That's why we offer tailored pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages for grease traps in Brighton and Hove. Designed to meet the unique demands of your establishment, they ensure your grease trap remains efficient and compliant, minimising the risk of unforeseen breakdowns. 

In the rare event of an emergency, our grease trap cleaning and repair team in Brighton and Hove is ready to respond promptly. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide rapid grease trap service and repairs, ensuring any disruption to your workflow is swiftly resolved.  

For seamless grease trap installation, maintenance or emergency services in Brighton and Hove, just give us a bell. You can contact Aqua Mundus on 01386 832205, or book a free, no-obligation on-site survey through our online form. We're here to provide expert assistance and peace of mind for all your grease management needs. 


Brighton & Hove City, BN1, BN2, BN3 and surrounding postcode regions.

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