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Edinburgh Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Edinburgh

Discover just how easy and stress-free optimal grease management is with Aqua Mundus. We are your experienced and trusted partner for comprehensive grease trap installation and maintenance in Edinburgh, extending through Leith, Morningside and the bordering areas of Scotland's enchanting capital city. All of our collaborations begin with a thorough, commitment-free on-site evaluation, which allows us to delve into creating a bespoke grease management blueprint that resonates with the specific demands of your business.

From the beating heart of Edinburgh's culinary scene to the serene cafés dotting the historic quarters, our highly experienced professionals pledge next-day servicing encompassing an array of grease traps, irrespective of type, model or size – including both above-ground grease traps and below-ground grease traps. We can also navigate the labyrinth of ever-changing regulations with you, helping you sidestep potential fines and legal challenges for non-compliance. For grease trap cleaning and servicing in Edinburgh, and all the services in between, get in touch with us today.


Grease Trap Cleaning in Edinburgh


Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) remain a constant challenge in hot food kitchens, and Edinburgh's vibrant food service industry is no exception. With many years of experience in the field, Aqua Mundus are ready to step up as your dedicated provider for unparalleled grease trap cleaning services in Edinburgh and neighbouring areas. Our eco-conscious approach tackles FOG head-on, and we offer grease traps suitable for every sized restaurant, from budget-friendly options that need more regular manual cleaning to high-end, automated systems that need less frequent attention.

Understanding the demands of the food industry, we stand ready to respond to emergencies with prompt grease trap repair services in Edinburgh, often available the very same day. Our comprehensive suite of grease trap services includes ancillaries like high-pressure drainage jetting and septic tank cleaning and emptying. For grease management and drainage maintenance in Edinburgh, nobody is better placed than Aqua Mundus.

Call us on 01386 832205 to learn why numerous businesses entrust us with their grease trap installation, cleaning, and maintenance needs in Edinburgh. Our expertise isn't just a service - it's your peace of mind.


How Does a Grease Trap Work?


Grease traps play a critical role in intercepting fats, oils, and grease (FOG) before they enter and potentially clog the municipal sewer system. But what happens inside a grease trap? It's simpler than it might seem. The trap contains baffles or interior walls that slow the flow of wastewater, causing the FOG (which is lighter in density) to rise to the top. This separation allows only cleaner water to pass through a small opening below the baffle and continue to the sewer, leaving the FOG behind.

Selecting the right grease trap for your business involves considering your operation's size and the amount of FOG it produces. Our experts are on hand to guide you through this crucial decision, ensuring your kitchen operates efficiently and complies with local regulations.


Above-Ground Grease Traps


Above-ground grease traps represent a convenient and economical choice for smaller kitchens. These systems can be situated anywhere along the wastewater line before it merges with the municipal sewer, commonly installed under a sink for straightforward access during routine cleaning and servicing. At Aqua Mundus, we provide a variety of models tailored to your needs, from cost-conscious units that necessitate regular maintenance to advanced automated systems that streamline the process, reducing the frequency of upkeep.


Below-Ground Grease Traps


For larger kitchens or those with accessible outdoor space, below-ground grease traps serve as a more efficient solution, particularly in the long term. Although these units come with a steeper initial cost, this balances out over time thanks to their reduced maintenance demands. Our services extend beyond simple installation, as we can also manage the entire cleaning process.

Aqua Mundus deploys specialised mobile vacuum tankers to transport FOG waste safely and responsibly from your premises to certified processing facilities, handling all regulatory paperwork. This ensures not only a cleaner operation but also strict adherence to BS EN 1825 standards and local regulations.


Biological Grease Treatment


As well as our more traditional grease trap offerings, Aqua Mundus is thrilled to present biological grease treatment as an alternative premier service. This technique employs the natural FOG-eating prowess of specially engineered micro-organisms, which transform fats, oils and grease into harmless substances that can safely be deposited into the main sewer system. It's an eco-friendly approach to grease management, designed for sustainability.

The magic of biological grease dosing doesn't stop at your property line either. These micro-organisms continue to break down FOG well into the sewer system. They work tirelessly to keep pipelines clear, combating the accumulation of legacy deposits, not just within your premises, but significantly impacting the broader municipal sewer network.


Discover the Aqua Mundus Difference: Complete Grease Management Solutions


Looking for top-notch grease management services in Edinburgh? Look no further than Aqua Mundus! From our central operations hub in the English Midlands to our network of local partners and depots, we're Edinburgh's first choice for:

We take the grease management hassle off your plate, so you can get back to cooking up success in your kitchen. Ready to make a change for the better? Give us a ring at 01386 832205 for your free on-site assessment — no strings attached!


H3: Your Go-To Drainage Solutions in Edinburgh


Got drainage worries in Edinburgh? Let Aqua Mundus handle it. Besides our renowned grease trap services, we're also trusted in the drainage scene thanks to our collaboration with a top-tier drainage partner. Here's what we can do:

  • CCTV drain surveys
  • Robotic cutting
  • Tanker services
  • Soil stack cleaning and maintenance
  • Septic tank and cesspit emptying
  • Pump services
  • Drain unblocking with high-pressure jetting
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Asset mapping
  • Drainage maintenance and repair

Don't let drainage dilemmas bog down your business. Get in touch with Aqua Mundus and keep your focus where it should be – on wowing your customers.


Grease Trap Maintenance and Repairs in Edinburgh


At Aqua Mundus, we recognise the critical nature of smooth operations in your commercial hot food kitchen. That's why our grease trap maintenance packages in Edinburgh are crafted following a 'prevention is better than cure' philosophy, designed to keep disruptions at bay. Our customised pre-planned maintenance (PPM) packages cater to your unique business needs, incorporating all necessary compliance certifications.

Should the unforeseen occur, rest easy knowing we've got you covered with our rapid response service. We provide prompt grease trap service and grease trap repair in Edinburgh, ensuring your kitchen is back in business in no time. Our commitment is to deliver swift, efficient and professional assistance when you need it most as part of the Aqua Mundus service guarantee.

For a seamless approach to grease trap cleaning, service and installation in Edinburgh, get in touch with Aqua Mundus. Call 01386 832205 or use our convenient online form to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation on-site survey today.

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