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Chesterfield Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Service & Maintenance in Chesterfield

  • Expert grease trap maintenance and service solutions for every kitchen size and type.
  • Compliance with environmental and local regulations, ensuring compliant operations.
  • Rapid response for commercial grease trap maintenance and repairs, minimising downtime.

Nestled in the heart of Derbyshire, Chesterfield not only boasts the famous Crooked Spire but also a dynamic food service industry catering to both residents and visiting tourists. Aqua Mundus is at the forefront of waste management solutions, offering specialised grease trap services and installations that meet the unique needs of this bustling market town community.

From quaint cafés to bustling restaurants, our mission is to keep Chesterfield’s kitchens running efficiently, sustainably and in line with all fats, oils and grease (FOG) legislation. Our services not only ensure compliance but also provide peace of mind for the operational efficiency of your kitchen, meaning less time worrying about waste management and more time doing what you love – serving delicious food to your customers.


Which Grease Trap Would Work for You?

Understanding how grease traps work is key to recognising their importance in commercial kitchens. These devices slow down wastewater with baffles (walls), allowing FOG to rise to the top of the trap and be captured, while cleaner water exits through small gaps under the baffles and safely into the sewer. This basic science has been implemented in many different grease trap designs for decades.

Broadly speaking, there are two routes you can go down with our commercial grease trap services. Our above-ground grease trap models are perfect for smaller spaces, providing ease of access for maintenance. Our below-ground grease traps, preferred by larger establishments, offer higher capacity and reduced servicing frequency. You can also choose between manual models or, for ultimate efficiency, automatic grease traps that automate FOG separation and removal, streamlining your kitchen operations even further.

Selecting the ideal system depends on your kitchen’s size, the volume of FOG produced and your grease trap maintenance capabilities. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment, recommending a solution that ensures your business remains clean, compliant and efficient. By integrating the right grease trap, we help you mitigate the risk of blockages and avoid potential fines, all while supporting Chesterfield's commitment to environmental protection.


Other Services We Offer

Beyond our grease trap maintenance and servicing, Aqua Mundus is your comprehensive partner for all commercial waste management needs:

From routine commercial grease trap maintenance to emergency service calls, our skilled team ensures your business operations remain uninterrupted. Rely on Aqua Mundus for an all-round approach to your establishment’s wastewater and grease trap management needs.

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Grease trap maintenance and servicing is a headache you can live without. Aqua Mundus offers a free, no-obligation site survey to assess your needs and tailor a bespoke solution. Contact us on 01386 832205 or to discuss how we can support your Chesterfield food service business with our expert grease trap services.

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