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Soil Stack Cleaning & Maintenance

Soil Stack Cleaning & Maintenance 

Soil stack cleaning and maintenance is essential for the continued operation of any drainage system. Cleaning and maintenance will save a food service business money, staff time, and the stress associated with problems caused by blocked drains.  It will also help prevent blockages which, in a worst-case scenario, can lead to property damage and cause business disruption.

Horizontal waste pipes – which are found in multi-story internal soil stacks, staff cafeterias, staff restaurants, concessions, etc - transport used water and waste into the main sewer network via a vertical pipe on the outside of the building known as a soil stack.  The vent at the top of the soil stack pipe allows air to enter the pipe to help the water move, whilst also letting the gases exit the property to avoid smells.  The bottom end of the pipe goes underground through a manhole to connect to the main sewage system.

It’s common for horizontal waste pipes to be blocked with non-flushable items as well as the fats, oils, and grease generated by a commercial kitchen operation.  The vertical soil stack pipe can also become blocked with these items as well as a build-up of uratic salt which narrows the soil stack pipe.

Common problems

  • Toilets don’t empty
  • Sinks or baths don’t drain
  • Water bursts from the joints of the soil stack pipe
  • Dirty water overflows from the bottom of the pipework

Preventing blockages

Routine maintenance plans for soil stack cleaning can help avoid emergency callouts and the need for the costly related services required to rectify a problem.  Aqua Mundus’ partner, offers free site assessments and no obligation quotes enabling you to obtain routine maintenance recommendations from the experts without spending a penny.

Qualified engineers can also provide services including:

  • High-pressure water jetting
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning
  • High speed cleaning
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