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Aqua Mundus Educates Eton

The Client 

Eton boys’ boarding school is consistently one of the UK’s leading independent schools. It currently has around 1,300 pupils between the ages 13 and 18. Founded by King Henry VI in 1440, Eton continues to provide a stimulating all-round education, coupled with academic excellence. Tradition remains important but its willingness to innovate has seen the school thrive for almost six centuries. 

The Brief

Eton College has numerous kitchen areas in operation, and given their high standards, had wanted to upgrade the grease management systems in two of them. As a means of improving their odour control, Eton College installed grease traps into its school’s central dining area, and in the kitchen that serves one of their boarding houses. Aqua Mundus was enrolled in order to recommend, design, and install the most effective grease management system available for these areas, allowing them much more effectiveness in accommodating for the 80,000 meals per year that each kitchen provides for its students. 

The Solution

Upon receiving the brief, Aqua Mundus went on to complete the delivery of the completely upgraded grease management system for both the kitchens proposed by Eton College. The company designed the new system to custom fit the space, handle the specification, installation, and commissioning of three GreaseShield Recovery Units (GRU’s).

GRU’s are a proactive mechanical grease trap which takes advantage of the waste thermal energy omitted in the effluent discharge from commercial kitchens. They use this thermal energy to remove emulsified FOGs from the wastewater produced. Our GRU units are currently the only environmentally certified GRU’s on the market, which allows Eton to build towards a more sustainable future. Aqua Mundus provided Eton College with expert guidance throughout the entire project, enabling them to maximise the effectiveness of their grease management solution. 

Paul Bayley of Eton College commented:

“The new grease management system has eliminated the odours that were once present in the boarding house and central dining areas. Aqua Mundus’ expertise and ongoing support was critical to the success of this project, and we are extremely happy with the new system they have installed.”

Aqua Mundus is one of the UK’s leading independent wastewater management specialists. They are highly revered for providing a comprehensive range of revolutionary grease management solutions from a number of top manufacturers. Their advice is incomparable in value, as we provide recommendations that are truly impartial with regard to system design, installation, commissioning, servicing, and maintenance.

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