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Grease Trap Sales & Services

Grease Trap Maintenance and Servicing in Manchester

Aqua Mundus provide an unrivalled and complete wastewater grease management solution for an array of kitchens and catering establishments within Manchester. We offer a full range of services across Manchester, including initial free on-site surveys, design and build advice, supply of grease traps, dosing systems and maintenance and installation of grease management equipment.

We operate a comprehensive network of mobile and vacuum tankers available across Manchester and the surrounding area, working closely with local sewage treatment works for proper waste disposal.

Our grease management solutions adhere to the guidance and legislation outlined by the local water company. Every commercial kitchen must now be fitted with an adequate grease management system, as required by law under the Water Industry Act 1991. At Aqua Mundus, we offer both above-ground and below-ground grease traps.

At Aqua Mundus, our network of operatives allows us to organise next-day grease trap servicing, which often includes emptying grease traps anywhere from 100 litres to systems holding 4000+ litres.

Grease Traps in Manchester

Aqua Mundus offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions for eco-conscious waste management. Our range of grease traps promises easy maintenance and effective handling of any solids or fats, oils and grease (FOG) residue, ultimately providing you with an environmentally friendly approach to getting your business compliant with the required waste transfer documentation.

We can design, supply, and install both automatic and passive grease traps that filter food & FOG appropriately. While the latter is more cost-effective, these traps often require regular attention and emptying. Our services also include an emergency same-day reactive call out for grease trap servicing in Manchester as well as drain jetting and septic tank sewage disposal solutions, if required.

We ensure professional and prompt results at affordable rates for all our grease traps in Manchester. To learn more about our grease management solutions, you can contact us directly on 01386 832205.

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

Grease traps collect wastewater from kitchens (containing FOG). Grease has a density that is lower than water, about 10-15%, and therefore cannot mix with water and rises to the surface. This occurs due to a system of baffles.

The baffles inside the grease trap slow down and control the flow of water. From the top down, grease fills the trap, and grease-free water drains under the baffle wall into the main sewer drain. While most grease traps follow this structure, many are manufactured in their own unique ways and vary in size. This, alongside your grease management needs and the facility’s location, determine what sort of grease trap you may need.

Below-Ground Grease Traps

Grease traps can also be seamlessly installed beneath the ground, or within a building, for easy maintenance. These traps come in all shapes and sizes, from super-capacity to biological units. Below-ground grease traps can also collect sludge and sediments separated from the contaminated water by food waste. These can then be removed using a vacuum tanker.

Investing in one of these efficient systems ensures your property remains compliant with BS EN 1825 while preventing blocked drains and foul odours indoors.

Above-Ground Grease Traps

Available for both internal and external uses, above-ground grease traps are often easier to access due to their positioning. Often within the kitchen itself, they are located near sinks and equipment; water from all parts of the kitchen can then be collected in larger traps positioned centrally within the plant room or basement. An above-ground grease trap can either be automatic and self-cleaning or passive and require more maintenance.

Biological Grease Treatment

Biological grease treatment is the process of breaking down grease, using specially designed grease degrading micro-organisms. This is possible because of the advances in biotechnology. These systems can be used as an addition to improve an existing grease interceptor.

They are suitable for the treatment of FOG (fats, oil & grease) in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. 

Our Other Services

As an industry leader with almost twenty years of experience, we apply our extensive technical and practical knowledge to all grease management solutions across the country. With customer satisfaction being an integral role in our success, we use our extensive network to provide a range of services to Manchester, all completed to the highest standard. Our services include:

  • Supply and installation of grease traps

  • Consultancy and design of grease management solutions
  • Free site surveys
  • Breakdown and repair coverage
  • Pre-planned maintenance packages
  • Temporary grease management solutions
  • Drain management

For more information about our services and our grease management solutions, or to book a free site survey, contact us directly on 01386 832205.

Manchester Drainage Services

Aqua Mundus has recently partnered with an experienced UK drainage specialist to ensure all of our clients have access to high-quality drainage services and support throughout Manchester. We now offer a complete range of drainage services, providing support to an array of facilities, kitchens and establishments in Manchester.

Our extensive drainage services include:

  • Drain Unblocking
  • Drainage Maintenance Services and repairs
  • Soil Stack Cleaning and Maintenance
  • CCTV Drain Surveys
  • Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying
  • Tanker services
  • Pump Services
  • Asset Mapping
  • Robotic Cutting
  • Gutter Cleaning

Maintenance and Breakdowns

At Aqua Mundus, we understand how important it is to keep your grease traps operating at their best. That’s why our cost-effective maintenance packages provide the peace of mind that your kitchen can remain operational with minimal disruptions to you.

With our pre-planned maintenance services that are tailored specifically for you, you can experience cost-effective solutions that keep your greasing management system running at optimal performance and provide compliance certification.

In the event of a problem with your grease trap or system that results in it breaking down, Aqua Mundus is standing by to provide comprehensive assistance. Our reactive breakdown service ensures same-day callouts in Manchester for any drainage issues you may have when it comes to critical maintenance issues. With Aqua Mundus, you can trust that any issue with your grease trap or management system will be tended to in a timely and efficient manner.

To book your free site survey and improve your grease management solutions for your facility, contact us on 01386 832205.


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