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Blackpool Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Installation and Servicing in Blackpool

Delivering unparalleled expertise in grease trap cleaning and servicing in Blackpool, Aqua Mundus stands as the epitome of excellence. Starting with an obligation-free on-site assessment, our highly experienced team will then construct a tailored strategy to solve the problems, specific issues and demands of your establishment.

From grease trap fitting and replacement to routine maintenance, our seasoned professionals ensure every part of the process goes off without a hitch, allowing you to focus on your core business concerns. Our impeccable track record shows that you can rely on Aqua Mundus for a timely and reliable grease trap installation in Blackpool, safeguarding your venture from potentially hefty fines and legal repercussions through regulatory compliance failure.

Be it a modest eatery or an expansive eat-out venue, our proficient grease trap maintenance in Blackpool ensures prompt next-day services for all grease trap variations, for both above-ground and below-ground installations


Grease Trap Cleaning in Blackpool

In the business of hot food creation, the emergence of fats, oils and grease (FOG) is inevitable. For Blackpool and its surrounding towns and villages, Aqua Mundus emerges as a friendly and knowledgeable partner for a sustainable resolution regarding issues caused by FOG. Our diverse, curated selection of grease traps offers solutions for all establishments, from economically priced manual grease traps to state-of-the-art automatic systems that require minimal intervention.

Understanding the critical nature of speedy intervention during unforeseen grease trap mishaps, our team guarantees urgent same-day grease trap repair services across Blackpool and its outskirts. Complemented with an exhaustive array of ancillary services like drain cleaning/unblocking and septic tank maintenance, Aqua Mundus redefines comprehensive service standards in the field. Experience our commitment to the food sector of Blackpool by contacting us now.


How Does a Grease Trap Function?

As an indispensable (and legally required) cog in the machine of any commercial hot food kitchen, grease traps are pivotal in safeguarding the municipal sewer system from an onslaught of FOG. But what's the science behind their operation?

Within these devices, barrier walls cleverly slow down the flow of wastewater coming from your sinks, which allows the FOG to float to the top of the trap and the water to sink to the bottom. This cleaner water then seamlessly flows underneath a partition (also known as a baffle) into the main sewer, decontaminated from FOGs.

Determining the right model for your business hinges on several criteria, including operational scale and FOG accumulation. Luckily, Aqua Mundus excels in guiding establishments through this selection process, ensuring you get the most cost-effective, efficient grease trap installation in Blackpool.


Above-Ground Grease Traps

Ideal for compact kitchen spaces, above-ground grease traps offer a cost-efficient alternative. Strategically positioned, usually beneath sinks for effortless access during routine cleaning, these devices can be incorporated at any point on your wastewater line before it meets the main sewage line. Our portfolio encompasses both budget-conscious versions and advanced automated systems to cater to the needs of all hot food enterprises.


Below-Ground Grease Traps

For larger culinary establishments with available outdoor space, below-ground grease traps are often the more cost-effective choice. While they command a higher initial outlay, their long-term return in terms of reduced maintenance ensures they are economically viable. Aqua Mundus’s specialised fleet of trap-emptying vacuum vans ensures ethical disposal of accumulated FOG to authorised treatment hubs, seamlessly handling all the necessary paperwork and ensuring rigid adherence to the BS EN 1825 benchmark.


Biological Grease Treatment

Aqua Mundus’s biological grease treatments in Blackpool present an even more ecologically aligned alternative. Capitalising on specially developed micro-organisms that feast on FOG, this solution is not just eco-friendly but continues to offer its cleansing prowess even after its journey into the mainstream sewage system.


Our Other Services

Aqua Mundus’s vision for our Blackpool clients spans beyond grease trap installation alone and extends to a full spectrum of services, including:

Make the switch to hassle-free FOG management in Blackpool with Aqua Mundus. Dial 01386 832205 today and reserve your no-strings-attached on-site consultation.


Drainage Maintenance in Blackpool

Augmenting our grease trap services, Aqua Mundus also delivers top-tier drainage solutions across Blackpool, courtesy of our collaboration with our trusted partners. Our offerings include:

  • Soil stack cleaning and maintenance
  • Drain unblocking and high-pressure jetting
  • Advanced CCTV drain surveys to pinpoint issues
  • Regular drain maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Septic tank and cesspit emptying

From a simple grease trap service in Blackpool to a comprehensive management plan for your entire wastewater system, Aqua Mundus has the experience and skill to keep your business complaint.


Maintenance and Breakdowns

We understand how disruptive and stressful it can be if your commercial kitchen stops working. That's why we've created custom maintenance plans to keep things running smoothly at your Blackpool establishment. We know every business is different, so our experienced team designs packages that meet all required standards.

Unexpected problems? Our responsive team is on hand to fix issues the same day, showcasing the Aqua Mundus commitment. Want to improve how you manage grease? Contact us or book a free site check, without any obligation, right here online.

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