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Why choose a Big Dipper?

Big Dipper will aid your establishment in the removal of unwanted odours in the kitchen. The production of food creates FOG (fats, oils and grease) that inevitably creates unpleasant smells which can make the working environment unagreeable for your employees. The Big Dipper with Advanced Odour Protection, offers a solution for this problem with its multiple gasket lid designs and the magnet contacts that secure the lid to the tank to ensure a tight and secure seal. There are also AST (Automatic Solids Transfer) models that automatically evacuate solids for less maintenance. These models are currently being engineered to provide advanced odour protection in the near future.

The Big Dipper can ease your grease management concerns as it removes 99.5% of FOG (fats, oils and grease), allowing you to be confident that you will have free flowing drains and will not incur any costly maintenance repairs for pipework in the main drain network. The internal strainer basket is also instrumental in catching solids and for ensuring that the main Big Dipper tank can remove grease as efficiently as possible.

Due to the fact that the Big Dipper is fully automatic and self-cleaning it reduces the amount of manpower required to manage your establishment’s grease management and also saves vital time that can instead be spent on customer contentment. Effective maintenance of the Big Dipper can be completed in just 2 minutes per day, which will provide you with unlimited protection for your pipework without having to pay for pumping. With a 24 hour timer, the operation of the unit and self-cleaning operation can be programmed to suit your food establishment’s requirements.

The Big Dipper is built to last, the internal tank is constructed from robust and durable polyethylene and yet has an appealing stainless steel exterior making its presence more pleasant but still appropriately compact in the kitchen environment. Also the Big Dipper operates without the requirement to use any chemicals, which makes it more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, Big Dipper has been precisely engineered and stringently tested and certified to multiple plumbing codes and standards and complies with EN 1825 performance standards.

Big Dipper can be installed in a variety of locations and is suitable for 1-3 compartment sinks, pre-rinse stations, combi-ovens and wok stations. This grease trap is also convenient to install due to its integrated motor, grease outlet, heater and lid. The Big Dipper engineering design allows for maximum installation flexibility.Reversing the system operation is as simple as rotating the cover assembly of the unit. For peace of mind, Big Dipper also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the tank and a 3 year warranty on active components. For the AST (Automatic Solids Transfer) models there is a lifetime warranty on the tank and a 1 year warranty on electrical assembly.

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