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Why Choose the Grease Shield?

There are several reasons for choosing the Grease Shield, but primarily it is a fully-automatic grease trap that enables your business to run smoothly and focus on the customer rather than the functioning of the kitchen. Its self-cleaning function ensures that grey water is always circulated so that it remains clean and efficient.

Other grease traps often demand extra maintenance which consequently distracts staff from their official duties.  Grease Shield does not require this extra man-power and therefore enables your workforce to concentrate on their main roles.

Additionally, there are other factors that will help to illustrate the benefits of the Grease Shield such as its sustainability. In today’s climate it is essential to consider the environment and Grease Shield has award winning technology in this area that positions it far and above its competitors.

Firstly, Grease Shield does not contain any heating elements that negatively impact global emissions. By using thermal energy produced by wastewater effluent, Grease Shield has mastered the ability to be self-sufficient, an aspect that is desirable in our climate conscious society.

Not only is this a good option for sustainability, it also provides a more cost-effective solution for your business. By removing FOG without the requirement to heat the effluent it saves on average 1.5kws of electricity per hour as well as reducing carbon emissions by 0.63kgs of CO2 per hour.

This works out at five and a half tonnes per annum and therefore a sizeable electrical bill. No other grease trap on the market is fitted with this technology which is why Grease Shield is such a popular choice and would be an ideal purchase for your establishment.

The fact that no biological agents, enzymes or chemicals are used in Grease Shield is yet another reason why it is ahead of its competitors, reducing its negative impact on the planet. Considering a third of consumers claim to be very concerned about issues regarding the origin of the products they consume, Grease Shield can help your business to be at the forefront of this rising trend, providing an ethical grease trap for all your kitchen waste.

Grease Shield has been proven to significantly reduce BOD, COD and SS levels and as an additional bonus, the lack of biological activity in Grease Shield prevents any foul-smelling odours, which maintains a pleasant kitchen atmosphere.

Another aspect that is unique to Grease Shield is its addition of the patented oleophilic roller. By attracting oil and repelling water, the Grease Shield is not only separating FOG, but also removing it, which is a landmark process in grease removal.

Furthermore, the FOG attracting roller has six times the FOG contact area of any of its competitors. The Grease Shield is the ultimate user-friendly grease trap. It eliminates the need for staff to access the inside of the grease trap and the continuous cost of having it pumped frequently. The Grease Shield is also able to achieve a FOG discharge level of 100ppm (parts per million).

Finally, the Pre Filter that is included with Grease Shield ensures that all solids are screened and removed from the wastewater, which provides total peace of mind from blockages or costly drainage issues. 

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