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Grease Shield Range

Grease Shield supplies products that have a range of active flow rates, ranging from the GreaseShield GS1000 that can manage 1-1.5 litre per second to the GreaseShield GS4000 that can manage 4 litres per second.

All products have a standard function of reverse flow configuration, are self-cleaning and have magnetic baffles for bioremediation. Units come in a range of sizes, despite the extra functions, Grease Shield has a relatively small footprint and can therefore be installed in most kitchens.

With a wide range of units on offer, it can be difficult to determine which product you need. Aqua Mundus have a dedicated sales team who can visit your premises to determine the most suitable product for your requirements, please give us a call if you would like some support with a Grease Shield product.

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