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What Is the Grease Shield?

Grease Shield provides automatic grease separation and solids removal using cost effective methods. It is a Pro-Active mechanical grease trap operating in real time. Whilst traditional grease traps work with the basis of leaving the separated FOG (fats, oils and grease) within the unit, the Grease Shield is the only pro-active grease trap to remove it.

Grease Shield supplies all its units with filtration options that not only remove the problem of FOG, but also food waste. As a solution to this additional challenge, Grease Shield offers Pre-Filters, Front-Loading filters, AST (Automatic Solid Transfer) and Filter Shields.

In order to determine which filtration system is the best for your establishment, the team at Aqua Mundus will be happy to assist you. Regardless of which unit you choose, they are all simple to use. You either lift the lid and empty the basket or pull out the pipe filter and discard the solids that way.

Additionally, Grease Shield removes FOG and saturated animal fats before they solidify making the whole process much more efficient. Advertised as the “best grease trap in the world”, Grease Shield is the ultimate self-sufficient grease removing unit. With its self-emptying and self-cleaning features, it really does give you piece of mind in the kitchen and enables staff to focus on customer satisfaction rather than the machine.   

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